Ring Side Report- Skull and Shackles #6- From Hell’s Heart

Product– Pathfinder Adventure Path- Skull and Shackles #6 From Hell’s Heart

Producer– Paizo


Price-~$20 here http://www.amazon.com/Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-Skull-Shackles/dp/1601254229/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1405536965&sr=8-2&keywords=from+hell%27s+heart

TL;DR– A somewhat disappointing end to an awesome adventure path


Basics- Time to sail off the map!  The players have beaten all their enemies and stand as the strongest force in the shackles!  However, over the course of the previous adventures, the players have learned of a large strike force approaching across the sea.  Can the players defeat this new enemy while dealing with a lazy leader?  What happens after that?  This book also has more monsters, plots to keep the story going after the adventure path is finished, and the finale of Robin D. Laws’ story.


Story or Fluff- This one was kind of disappointing.  The story that will lead your characters to leadership is kind of lack luster.  It’s more of a coup than any major revelation.  The group across the sea (if you know Golarion, you know who I’m alluding too!) makes one kind of sad push, but the PCs will obliterate them with ease at this point.  Nothing is unplayable, but it’s kind of a let down from the previous awesome events.  The story is ok, and the suggestions for future adventures are fun.  But, they don’t really balance the let down of the adventure. 3/5


Mechanics or Crunch- This part of the AP isn’t really crunch heavy.  There isn’t any rule added.  Honestly, my players found this adventure a cake walk.  Even when I started throwing serious curve balls at the players by modifying the enemies as presented, my players were not in danger.  It’s not bad, but the adventure kind of summarizes the high level problems you can see in Pathfinder, especially when you have multiple low level enemies challenging experienced players. 3.5/5


Execution- This is the standard Paizo greatness.  The character write ups are great, the pictures are well done, and the layout doesn’t turn me away or make me hate reading this.  I like what I see here. 5/5


Summary- This one is kind of a letdown.  I LOVED this adventure path, but it does have its up’s and down’s.  The players get some awesome prestige, but the way the story brings that to them is somewhat underwhelming.  I would have liked something a bit more climactic (so when I ran this in my home game, I MADE it climactic!).  It does finishes off the story, but you might have to add in your own special touches to make this stand out! 77%


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