Daily Punch 7-22-14 Superior Mage Hand feat for DnD Next

I’ve been reading the Sundering and I saw a character do something amazing with her hair.  She used it to grab weapons and beat the crap out of anyone who came at her.  How about a feat to make that happen?


Superior Mage Hand

You’re a pinnacle of spell casting and you make even the simplest cantrips do devastating effects

Prerequisite:  Wizard with the mage hand cantrip

Benefit:  Gain the following:

  1. Gain a +1 to intelligence to a maximum of 20.
  2. You may cast mage hand as a spell of any level.  For each level you cast the spell above a cantrip, you gain an extra mage hand.  The hands may grab unattended objects as a free action.  The hands can not cast spells for you.  If you dedicate a full round to making attacks with weapons, you may have each hand attack with an weapon it is welding.  The hands attack using your intelligence bonus plus proficiency if you are proficient with the weapon they are welding.  A mage hand cast in this way can use an interrupt action to provide disadvantage on a foe using a melee attack if the hand is welding a weapon.  Any action a hand tries to do beyond attack uses intelligence in place of the usual ability for the action in addition to proficiency if you are trained.  The hands last for a number of hours equal to the spell slot used to cast the spell.




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