Ring Side Report- Video Game Review of South Park: The Stick of Truth

Game– South Park: The Stick of Truth

Price– It’s a bit old so you can get this for cheap!  ~$20

TL;DR– Ah nostalgia! 90%


Basics-You’re the new kid in South Park, so go make friends!  Soon you get drawn into a fight between the elves and the humans over the world’s most powerful artifact-The Stick of Truth!  You are recruited by Cartman, but soon you have to choose who you fight for as the stick is soon stolen!  Along the way aliens, the government, zombie nazis, and even stranger things all try to take the stick away.


Mechanics-The game drags on a bit.  The combat system is extremely simple.  It’s fun for the most part, but it gets repetitive very quick.  Combat is handled by timed button responses either attacking or defending.  Honestly, there seem to be less than 50 total normal enemies, so you will be attacked with the same attacks occur over and over and attack back with the same attacks over and over again too.  Most of my combats went less than one round.  Your power points for moves refresh at the start of each battle, so every battle was I use my super move, partner uses super move, enemies dead, wash rinse repeat.  The awesome moves that each character unlocks later in the game are fun but have long animated introductions that you have to wait through.  They are fun….the first 10 times, but after 100 uses of the same power with the same 30 second introduction, I was done.  Mercifully the game does set up outside of combat events that you can use to attack enemies reducing the amount of combat you have to do.  It makes life a bit easier and rewards smart play.  Make no mistake, the game is fun, but it just gets repetitive semi-fast. 4/5


Visuals-This one looks amazingly like the TV show which is to say pretty crappy!  Everything looks like an old school episode of South Park.  That in and of itself is amazing.  The walk actions are random half hops.  All the action looks great.  The locations are what you remember.  But the game follows the cartoon and some people, locations, or objects have crazy detail or different styles entirely.  The consistant inconsistency really makes you think you are watching an episode.  Later you enter Canada which is apparently stuck in the SNES era and is 16bit.  That whole section was just amazing and fun.  This game is a 20 Hour walk through memory lane as every part of the TV shows run is somehow represented in this game. 5/5


Story-If you don’t like toilet humor, don’t play this game!  If you can handle fart jokes, ass humor, mocking Christianity, racial humor, and too many other warnings to count, this game is amazing!  It feels like an old episode of South Park.  The boys and you are the only people in town who can figure out what the heck is going on, but you and your friends don’t care because you just want to play your elves vs. humans game.  It’s a great ride that I really enjoyed.  It does get a bit long as some humor doesn’t carry over well at the 20th hour mark as well as it did at the 1 hour mark, but it’s funny all the way through. 4.5/5


Summary-This was a blast to play.  I couldn’t put it down.  It’s not the most complex RPG I’ve played in a while, but it hit nostalgia buttons all over.  It reminded me of Super Mario RPG at the same time it reminded me of classic South Park.  This one doesn’t have the modern messages that most new South Park episodes have.  It’s just a game exploring what the boys do during their free time.  You will have a blast…if you can handle the NC-17 content and some repetition. 90%

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