Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Snowpiercer

Movie– Snowpiercer



Basics-We’ve fixed global warming by freezing the world solid!  In Snowpiercer, almost no humans remain after a plot to fix global warming results in freezing the world to death, and those that do survive on a train.  The train is divided into two sections: those in the head, and those in the tail.  Those in the tail are second class citizens who must scratch out an existence in a hard life while those in the front live in the lap of luxury.  Our hero Curtis is starting a revolution to bring equality to the train.  What follows is a series of fights, a dive into Dante’s Inferno among other ideas, and much more than he or you the audience bargained for.


Acting-This acting in this movie is amazing.  Every character has different motivations, and every actor brings those to light.  No one acts like they don’t belong in the world.  I loved everyone from minor character to main actors.  Even the villains are well done making them the rare villains you just love to hate. 5/5


Plot- I love this movie.  The plot is well done.  While the idea of world spanning train or a CO2 fixing plot are somewhat farfetched, the plot rolls with that well and bring you along for the ride.  Nothing in here is stupid or only smart for a sci-fi movie.  Everything makes sense.  And, the movie doesn’t let up either.  The hits just keep coming all along its run time.  New angles keep coming into play that just add to the feel of the world and the characters.  It’s an amazing story told really well.5/5


Cinematography-This movie was made on the cheap, but it doesn’t show.  The special effects are done well, and the cheap is hidden behind the train.  Everything looks beautiful.  The train looks crappy when it should look crappy.  The train looks beautiful when it should be beautiful.  Everything looks just like it should!  It’s near future sci-fi, so the world of the movie looks like it could be from today.  Amazingly well done. 100%


Summary-This is a story with so many levels that I almost want to watch this again right now.  There are elements of Dante’s Inferno, Frankenstein, Atlas Shrugged, and so many more ideas here that just keep you thinking.  Even the heroes in this one are not necessarily heroes as you come to learn.  It’s such an amazing, well acted story that I’m just glad I got to watch this.  GO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW! 100%

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