Daily Punch 8-19-14 Circle of Spell Protection spell for DnD Next

How about a spell for DnD Next?



Circle of Spell Protection

2nd-level Adjuration

Casting time: 1 minute

Range: Circle five feat in diamiter

Components: V,S,M-chalk, dust, unholy/holy water, or blood

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 day

Until the spell ends, for any spell that enters or exit the circle, the spell caster must make a saving throw using the ability used by the spell caster to cast spells (eg. a wisdom saving throw for a cleric, intelligence for a wizard) with a DC equal to the spell casting DC + 3 for the creator of the circle.  If the caster succeeds, the spell may enter the circle.  If the caster fails, the spell is cast, but does not enter the circle, and all creatures in the circle are immune to any of the spells effects.




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