Daily Punch 8-26-14 Arcane Avenger (Ranger) for DnD Next

We have the Eldritch Knight for DnD Next-WHICH IS AWESOME!  But I want to make a ranger who uses arcane magic as well.  Let’s see what we can come up with.



Arcane Avenger (Ranger Archtype)

Use the standard ranger class abilities except as noted.



You have learned magical secrets as a wizard would.  You cast spells as a wizard does and must prepare them as a wizard does too with the addition of Hunters Mark to your available spell list.  You gain a spellbook, and cast spells based on your intelligence modifier.  While you hold either a sword or a bow in one hand, you may cast your spells adding your proficiency bonus to the attack or to the saving throw DC as a wizard does with an arcane instrument.  You can only cast spells up to fourth level.  Follow your normal spell progression rules, but use the wizard spell selection instead.  Gain a number of wizard cantrips equal to your intelligence modifier.


Arcane Attack-Replaces Extra Attack

At level five, when you hit with an attack, as a bonus action you can cast a spell that must include the foe you just hit.  It may include other foes as well.


Invisibility-Replaces Hide in Plain Sight

At level 10, you can expend a second level or higher spell slot to instantly cast Invisibility as per the spell.  This spell is cast silently.





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