Daily Punch 9-3-14 Player Adjustment for Shadowrun:Crossfire and dual roles

I like Shadowrun:Crossfire.  I’ve reviewed it, but its still a kick in the teeth with its difficulty.  What makes it even harder is playing the game with less then four players.  Here are my suggestions to fix it.


1-Dual roles-A few people have given this advice, but here is the general suggestion.  When you get two role cards, you don’t take four basic cards for that color and one off the others, but you take two cards of one color, three cards of the second color, and one card of the other two.  Now the player who has two roles might be targeted by two obstacles, but will be equally ready to fight back.


2-Extra hit points-few players means more crossfire events, more obstacles targeting the same player, and less turns to deal with any major obstacles in front of a player.  I suggest giving all players one extra hit point per player missing.  This will power up the players a least enough to help the players get a foothold in the game.



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