Daily Punch 9-12-14 Helm of Gamer Command for DnD Next

Let’s fire up the random and get an item made up for DnD Next for the Secret Gaming Cabal.


Helm of Gamer Command

helm, very rare, requires attunement

This helm arrears to be a simple band of gold made of dice and card shapes with a raised war cobra on the front of the band.

Once per week, the wearer of this helm may say the command words Insubordinate Nonsense to call all who see the helm to make an intelligence saving throw.  However, the intelligence of the subject is inversely proportional to their save bonus.  For every point two point of  intelligence above 10, a character instead has a -1 to the saving throw instead of a +1.  As an example a character subjected to this effect with intelligence 20 has a -5 instead of +5 bonus on the saving throw.  Characters who are proficient at the use of a gambling set of any kind have disadvantage this saving throw.  Characters who fail this save are subjected to the dominate person spell with the effect limited to listen to bearer of the helm discuss games of chance or playing any game provided to the subject of the spell.  This effect of the spell is also changed and now lasts for a minimum of two hours, but can be extended based on the bearer of the helm still discussing games or the length of the game set before the subject of the helm.


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