Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Pathfinder Campaign Setting-Technology Guide  

Product-Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide

Producer– Paizo

Price– ~$20 here http://www.amazon.com/Pathfinder-Campaign-Setting-Technology-Guide/dp/1601256728/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411311976&sr=8-1&keywords=technology+guide


TL; DR– Problems with focus, but great item selection. 90%


Basics– Welcome to the world of tomorrow!  The Technology guide is the extra setting book that GMs of the Iron Gods will need to handle all the new technology items and some rules presented in that adventure path.  This book introduces a number of new archetypes, feats, spells, rules, and skill uses for the base classes as well as a prestige class.  Then, the book moves onto introducing several technological items, weapons, armor, drugs, and generators.  Finally the book adds new hazards, rules, and artifacts for the Iron Gods campaign and Numeria as a whole.


Mechanics or Crunch-This book is a combination of the Ultimate Equipment book and the People of the River.  The book adds an insane amount of items all with new rules how to handle them.  The rules make sense within the Pathfinder system and help distinguish technology from magic.  The character options are all well done and provide some awesome Numeria flavor for any technology based campaign you could be running.  5/5


Theme or Fluff– This book does have a decent amount of story.  Each item gets a short description in addition to its rules and a picture.  The pictures might not be amazingly large, but there are pictures you can show to your players and help them envision the world of Numeria.  The book even goes so far in depth to describe the different types of metals found in Numeria and what they look like.  It’s not a perfect theme book, as the primary focus of the book is to provide rules and items, not to provide story.  But, what is here does have some decent story to it. 4.5/5


Execution– I love how Paizo puts their books together.  Even though this is an item book, the pictures and layout really breaks up the text and makes this much less of a drag to read.  The problem I have is that this book is a Pathfinders setting book.  The setting books are not designed to be given to the players.  However, a 1/3 of this book is player options.  This book is kind of indicative of the problems I’ve seen with the Iron Gods roll out of as a whole. To do the Iron Gods AP justice, several new character options, items, and rules all have to be introduced.  However, all the Numeria character options are spread out across at least four books, and the rules are also spread out across some of these four books, but different rules are also in other books.  This is particularly a problem with this book as players are not supposed to look at this book.  But, as a GM you almost have to give it out, so base class characters can have additional class options.  It’s not world ending problem, but the lack of focus is apparent. 4/5


Summary– Honestly, if you are going to GM the Iron Gods AP, you’ve most likely bought this book already.  If you have no plans to ever put technology in your Pathfinder game, then this book has literally nothing to offer you.  It’s a good book for what it is (character options and items), but it has some problems with focus. 90%

9-18-14 Deeply Flawed feat for Pathfinder

I really love the ideas of flaws and drawbacks for Pathfinder.  It’s a nice mechanical way to introduce character to your characters.  How about a feat to help build that.


Deeply Flawed

You’ve got your own rough corners, and it shows.

Prerequisite: One flaw

Benefit: Take one additional flaw and gain three more traits.




Daily Punch 9-17-14 Fluid Compulsion drawback for Pathfinder

I really like the random fluid table for the Iron Gods AP for Pathfinder.  How about a flaw that plays into it.



Fluid Compulsion

You tried the random fluids of the wastes long ago, and now you are an addict.  You’ve tried to stop, but you can’t.  Now, when you see it, you have to have it.

Effect: When you see a Numeria fluid, you must attempt to drink it.  If you try to avoid drinking, you must make a will save DC 10+ level.





Daily Punch Chosen Background for DnD Next


You are chosen of a god or goddess and are now a pawn in a much bigger game.  Some gods care for their chosen, while some gods let their chosen survive or die on their own wits and strength.  Chosen are chosen from several backgrounds as street rats to nobles are all called to some purpose.  Who has chosen you changes who and what you are or could become.



Choose a god/goddess of your campaign.  You are a chosen of this god.


Skill Proficiences:

Religion, one other skill of choice



Chosen power

Choose an arcane or divine cantrip.  This represents your god infusing you with power.  If a save or attack roll is needed for that cantrip, you are considered proficient with the spell and must chose a class that gives that spell as a cantrip to determine save DC and attack attribute.



Choose an equipment package from another background.  This reflects your former life before you realized you were chosen.


Personality Trait:

1-Arrogent- YOU were chosen by the god, why WOULDN’T others bow to you too?

2-Blue collar-You might have been chosen by the god, but you’re just here to do a job.

3-Mousy-You have been controlled all your life, now you just are quite and follow out of habit.

4-Out of this world-You see and hear what the god shows you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s something others can see.

5-Demanding-You have been give order to follow all your life.  When you give a command, you expect obedience too!

6- Driven-You have a mission, and you will do it!



1-Follower-You follow your gods wisdom.

2-Contrary-You hate your divine patron, and will do anything to fight against him/her.

3-Prove yourself-You’re not sure you’re worthy, but you will prove to everyone you are!

4-Money-Being chosen doesn’t pay well, but adventuring does.

5-Larger plans-Something grander is in motion, and you’re driven to be are part of it.

6-Nonconfrontational-You’ve been a cog in a machine all your life.  Now you just want to be left out of everything.



1-You’re chosen, but you don’t have to be a pawn, and these others are fighting for the same cause you are.

2-You see your god’s hands in these people fates.

3-One of these people follows your god, and you will help that person.  They have a purpose that only you can help with.

4-You know another in this group is chosen and will help that person realize it.

5-Another person here doubts your commitment to the faith.  You’ll prove them wrong.

6-There’s a whole bunch of people here who are out to make a whole bunch of money.  As long as the gold keeps flowing, you’ll stay with these people



1-Domineering-You expect the world to listen to you, because you have a gods interests at heart.

2-Out of it-all too often you get instructions from your god that move you in ways that make no sense, but it makes complete sense if they only could see the complete picture!

3-Contrary-You spend more time fighting your friends than the monsters.

4-Paranoid-You’ve lived on the run so long, you suspect everyone is out to get you.

5-Quite-You just want to be left alone, but you know you can’t be.

6-Mean-Not all gods are nice, and that goes for their chosen.

Ring Side Report-Board Game/ iOS review of The Manhattan Project

Game-The Manhattan Project on iOS

Producer-Domowicz Creative Group


TL;DR– Great for multiplayer, problems with single player. 80%


Basics– BOOM BABY! It’s Manhattan Project on the iOS.  It plays exactly like the original board game.  Players take turns placing workers on the main board and placing workers on different locations on their own boards, or recalling workers from where they have been placed with the goal of building the most bomb points.  For my full review of the base board game, check out this link:  https://throatpunchgames.com/2013/10/29/ring-side-report-game-review-the-manhattan-project/  This is the iOS version of the game that my mother and I played on the iPad.  Let’s break the game down.


Mechanics-The iOS game follows the same mechanics as the base game.  What it does add are some nice animations as well as doing all the computations for the game well.  The game functions pretty smoothly. What problem you will have are some things are not indicated well.  Some items will glow if you can do them, but others like the construction area don’t.  It’s not indicated if you can have multiple people on there.  The game works well, but a few changes would really help things.  HOWEVER, NO MATTER WHAT BAD THINGS YOU CAN SAY, THIS GAME HAS AN UNDO BUTTON!  That makes life so much better! 4.5/5


Visuals/Sounds– The game looks nice, but it’s basically just the board game floating in space.  It’s easy to read as you can zoom in, but it’s not suped up like some other board games on the iOS.  The game looks like the developer just took the tabletop version and placed it on the iPad.  That’s not bad, but I would like a bit more.  The sounds are ok, but the music can get a bit repetitive. 4/5


Execution-This game is well done, but the major problems you will have boil down to a lack of instruction.   Everything in this game comes directly from The Manhattan Project board game box: tokens, boards, and instructions.  The bad thing is that there are no instructions for how to play the game on the iOS.  If you’ve played a few of these before, you will be fine.  Your first play through will be a bit of a mess because you have to learn as you go.  That’s a pretty sizable problem.  However, it’s a problem you will have only for your first play through.  Nothing you won’t get past, but it will turn a few people away.  The AI is a bit weak; I’ve never been bombed by the AI, had espionage happen, or even lost once!  It’s fun to play, but if you’re a decent player, you will win.  When you do win, the game doesn’t allow you to do anything or prompt you to quit.  You have to manually quit.  That’s not a problem per se, but a little bit more effort would really make this game better.  As for the multiplayer, it does amazingly well with either the pass and play or internet versions.  I had to explain to my mom how to play and start an internet game (see above), but once she understood how to play she was off to the races.  So, great job on the multiplayer!  3.5/5


Summary– I love The Manhattan Project.  It’s one of my favorite games that I can’t convince my local gaming group to play.  I loved it before, and now I have the chance to play on my iPad.  If Playdeck’s games are the A tier games, then this is a solid B game.  The game is good, but you will be left wanting a bit more.  It’s the game you want, but a little bit more would really knock this out of the park.  The absence is what really notice and hurt the game: no iOS instruction, no prompting for things, and limited AI.  What is here is the board game you want that works well and is fun.  If you can get past the problems and know this game,then this is a great iOS title. 80%

Daily Punch 9-15-14 Quick Spell Ring for DnD Next

Well the last thing I designed was a helm, how about an item that is a bit more serious for DnD Next?


Quick Spell Ring

Ring, rare (requires attunment)

This simple white gold ring is marked with an etching of a spellbook.

When you prepare spells, you my spend two spell slots.  One of these spellslots much be higher then or equal to the other.  As a free action, once per day, you may cast a spell with a level equal to the lower of the two spell slots.




Daily Punch 9-12-14 Helm of Gamer Command for DnD Next

Let’s fire up the random and get an item made up for DnD Next for the Secret Gaming Cabal.


Helm of Gamer Command

helm, very rare, requires attunement

This helm arrears to be a simple band of gold made of dice and card shapes with a raised war cobra on the front of the band.

Once per week, the wearer of this helm may say the command words Insubordinate Nonsense to call all who see the helm to make an intelligence saving throw.  However, the intelligence of the subject is inversely proportional to their save bonus.  For every point two point of  intelligence above 10, a character instead has a -1 to the saving throw instead of a +1.  As an example a character subjected to this effect with intelligence 20 has a -5 instead of +5 bonus on the saving throw.  Characters who are proficient at the use of a gambling set of any kind have disadvantage this saving throw.  Characters who fail this save are subjected to the dominate person spell with the effect limited to listen to bearer of the helm discuss games of chance or playing any game provided to the subject of the spell.  This effect of the spell is also changed and now lasts for a minimum of two hours, but can be extended based on the bearer of the helm still discussing games or the length of the game set before the subject of the helm.


Daily Punch 9-11-14 Increased Training feat for DnD Next

How about some love for the monks out there?



Increased Training

You are a weapon, and you’ve trained yourself to be better then most others!

Prerequisite: Martial Arts Class Feature

Benefits-Gain the following:

  • Increase your martial arts die by five levels.  If you ever go above the highest level on your class, your die becomes 2d6
  • Increase your dexterity by +1 to a maximum of 20.


Daily Punch 9-10-14 Inspired Spellcasting feat for DnD Next

A feat my wife came up with that I think will help a lot of bards out there.


Inspired Spellcasting

You inspired not only feats of strength, but also efforts of will
Prerequisite: You must be a bard with the ability to give inspiration dice to other characters.

Benefit-Gain the following:

  • Gain a +1 bonus to charisma
  • Any spell casters may apply  an inspiration die you give them as a bonus to the spell save DC for one spell.




Ring Side Report- RPG Review of People of the Stars

Product– Pathfinder Player Companion-People of the Stars



Price-$13 here http://www.amazon.com/Pathfinder-Player-Companion-People-Stars/dp/1601256744/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410741048&sr=8-1&keywords=People+of+the+stars

TL;DR-It’s that book with android stuff! 93%


Basics-I want to believe!  People of the Stars is the player companion to Distant Worlds.  This book follows the standard Pathfinder formula for player books by adding new races, feats, items, traits, archetypes, and spells for races from beyond Golarion in the solar system.


Mechanics or Crunch– This is crunch-tastic.  The book is full of all kinds of great stuff to build otherworldly characters.  What’s here is pretty useful and well done if you want to have an intergalactic campaign.  If you want to keep you game on Golarion, there isn’t much for you here.  5/5


Theme or Fluff– There are some amazing stories here.  Each world in the solar system gets about half a page and gives a nice, short summary that world.  The races all have some nice build up and are varied enough to be good additions to the Pathfinder race line up.  However, like I said above, the stuff presented here really won’t be that much use to any campaign or player if you just stay on Golarion. 5/5


Execution-Paizo knows how to make a good book.  This book is well written, laid out well, and entertaining.  This isn’t the best book put out by Paizo as there are some parts that drag on, and there are a few sections with “textbook problem”.  But, this is generally a good book. 4/5


Summary-Going to play in the solar system in Pathfinder?  Then, get this book.  Going to play the Iron God’s campaign and want to play an android?  Get this book, because this book has some android feat and traits you might want.  Otherwise, this book might not help you much.  It’s a well done book, but this book will mostly hit a niche market.  Even the Iron Gods adventure path doesn’t use this book and advices the use of another book called People of the River.  This is a good book, but only a few people will really need this book. 93%