Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 2 – Raiders of the Fever Sea

Product– Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 2 – Raiders of the Fever Sea

Producer– Paizo

Price– ~$20 here http://paizo.com/products/btpy95dj?Pathfinder-Adventure-Card-Game-Skull-Shackles-Adventure-Deck-2-Raiders-of-the-Fever-Sea

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 30 to 60 minutes per scenario (1 to 6 players, five scenario)



Basics-Let’s be bad guys!  In the last adventure deck, the pirates get their first ship.  Now it’s time to be real pirates.  Loot as many ships as you can, earn the favor of Tidewater Rock, and go on an adventure in the deep sea!


Mechanics– The game really ties the theme to the mechanics.  It still has the randomness that somewhat hurts the theme, but the new mechanics really hit the theme hard like a sledgehammer on a tack.  Pirate hunting with the chance of catching the attention of the authorities?  Awesome.  Having to find a particular villain to open up a dungeon?  Even better!  It’s a well done adventure deck! 5/5


Theme- This game really hits home the theme.  It has lots of piracy with the mechanics to back it up.  Also now new mechanics for the specific missions are introduced to really make a dungeon crawl come alive.  Well done!  Do this more often! 5/5


Instructions– The base instructions are all you get besides the stuff on the cards.  I still want a sheet with more story and instructions for the game.  What is on the cards is good, but I still want a bit more.  Also, explaining who the characters are, especially the allies, would help me get a bit more into the feel of things. 4.5/5


Execution– Tell you what, Paizo has heard some of what I’ve said and this proves it.  It’s a card game, so it’s got good card stock and art.  Fine, I expect that.  But you know what, SIDE OPENING FLAPS! I can open up the package while not destroying the box.  Here is your five for that. 5/5


Summary– This adventure deck is the best adventure deck so far for either season of the card game.  I felt like a pirate.  The mechanics are slick.  The theme is awesome.  THE BOX OPENS ON THE SIDE!  Well done!  98%

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