Blurbs from the Booth-Top Ten RPGs of 2014

Just like last week (, I feel it’s time to go over the top ten RPG products I reviewed in 2014.  Same rules apply-I need to see your product AND review it in 2014.  Want your favorite or your product up here?  Get me a copy!


  1. Emergence RPG reviewed here Did you like Guardians of the Galaxy? How about a whole society of humans who emerged on to a planet in the 1980/1990’s with Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves? Only thing I want more of is content for this RPG.


  1. Numenera RPG reviewed here Numenera or The Strange was ending up on this list one way or another. The wife made the call for me as I’ve run both for her, and she wants more Numenera. It’s got quick character building, extremely fast combat, and a very intuitive skill/combat system.


  1. Crawl! Issue #10 reviewed here I love DCCRPG. I run one game a month and one con game a month. I AM STARVED FOR OFFICIAL PLAYER CONTENT!  However, if I can’t get my official fill from Goodman Games, there is always Crawl! ! (That’s intentional Crawl! has an exclamation point.)  This issue was the demi-humans issue.  You want that Halfling rogue?  You got it!  Also, this is the cheapest thing on this list at three bucks!


  1. AMP: Year One reviewed here How about the X-Men? Well, there is no official RPG anymore for the X-Men, but there is AMP: Year One. Mutants super heroes with crazy powers and customization makes a great RPG.



  1. BareBones Fantasy Reviewed here A short simple RPG that plays fast. I love quick systems, and this one is short and to the point. All characters are made quickly and the game plays even quicker.  Also, the books are CHEAP and they look like graphic novels!


  1. Victoriana 3rd Edition reviewed here Why yes I love Shadowrun, Steampunk, and forcing my players to have to choose what happens when they push themselves. Here is a system that does all of that in spades. Also Cubicle Seven proved how classy to me they are by releasing the update to their Lord of the Rings RPG for FREE.  Great content and guys/gals all around.


  1. Run and Gun for Shadowrun 5e reviewed I love me some SR, and options was what any player really wanted in 2014. And options are what we got.  It’s not everything we could hope for, but it was something big!


  1. Darkwood Adventure Arc #1-The Deft and the Deadly reviewed here Pathfinder needs a spot on this list, but this isn’t from Paizo. I really like what these guys are up to. They’re making a brand new world, and this book not only describes a small adventure but is part world guide.  Great bargain for less than 15 bucks!


  1. 13 True Ways Reviewed here 13th Age is one of my favorite RPGs to come out recently, but if Catalyst is somewhat quite, Pelgrane Press is downright mute on new content for its RPG. 13th Age players want options, and this book gave them plenty. From the monk that made me super happy with proper martial arts forms to just tons of new content, I love this book.


  1. Dungeons and Dragons-5th Edition- DM Guide reviewed here, Monster Manual reviewed here, and Player Handbook reviewed here No surprise here. It’s the game I play the most if you follow my twitter.  WotC had one of the cleanest launch products I’ve seen in a while.  It felt classic and new at the same time.  Well done!

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