Daily Punch 4-13-15 Tit-for-Tat maneuver for DnD 5e

Let’s build on to the fighter’s maneuvers!

Tit-for-Tat.  When you are damaged by a melee attack from an enemy, you may spend a superiority die to gain advantage on the next attack on that enemy as well as gaining bonus damage equal to the rolled result of your superiority die on that one attack.


Daily Punch 4-10-15 Magic Master feat for DnD 5e

Let’s build on the idea of a feat tree to teach magic.  Now with third level spells!

Magic Master

Prerequisite: Magic Initiate, Magic Adept

Be it from your own training or intense studying.  Gain the following benefits for the spell casting class you choose for Magic Initiate:

  • Learn one additional cantrip.
  • Learn two more 1st level spells and gain the ability to cast two more 1st level spells.
  • Learn two more 2nd level spells and gain the ability to cast one more 2nd level spell.
  • Learn two 3rd level spells and gain the ability to cast one 3rd level spell.


Daily Punch 4-9-15 Magic Adept feat for DnD 5e

If you don’t want to multiclass, but you want some spells, let’s add some feats to build on this idea!

Magic Adept

Prerequisite: Magic Initiate

For the class you choose for Magic initiate, you gain the following:

  • Gain two more cantrips
  • Learn three more 1st level spells and the ability to cast two more 1st level spells before you must take a long rest.  You may cast the same spell more than once but each spell you cast uses a 1st level spell slot from Magic Initiate or this feat.
  • Learn two second level spells and the ability to cast one second level spell from this class.


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Savage Characters Volume One

Product– Savage Characters Volume One

System– Savage Worlds

Producer– Dragonlaird Gaming

Price– $5 here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/137955/Savage-Characters-Volume-1?manufacturers_id=6270

TL; DR-An excellent book full of useful Savage Worlds characters.  95 %


Basics– Need some characters quick for your Savage Worlds game? Dragonlaird Gaming provides several characters for fantasy, horror, western, and sci-fi settings for the Dragonlaird Gaming Savage Worlds settings.  Each character get’s a full write up including a picture, a background, a character sheet, a novice character sheet, some character hooks for different character levels, and an advancement plan for the character.  Some characters also get extra setting rules.

Mechanics or Crunch– The best comparison I have for this book is the NPC codex for Pathfinder, and honestly this is much better.  Instead of providing several different characters at each level, this book provides less NPCs and gives you an easy way to drop each NPC into your game at any level.  That makes this an easy to use resource for you game.  Awesome. Even better, this book adds a few new traits for your characters to use.  I didn’t expect to find new character options in this book, so that’s a present surprise!  One bad thing about this book is, if you don’t know all the Savage World rules, then the character write ups will not be as helpful.  Every character has a great write up with all their traits, but if you don’t know those traits off the top of your head, you’re going to be spending some time going back and forth between this book and your other Savage World books. 4.8/5

Theme or Fluff-Each character gets a full right up with a background, description, pictures, and character hooks.  I’ve got a picture to show the players, and I can jump into that character on the fly as a GM based on the character hooks and story provided.  These are well done complete characters that can help me carry the stories in my games.  5/5


Execution– Overall, this is a well done book.  I have a few minor problems with the execution of the PDF.  I would like the book to be hyperlinked.  Also, the art is good, but some are not as great as others.  One more issue I have is I’d like a bit more discretion of the different worlds presented in the book.  The character presented work well in any setting, but a bit more description of the worlds would possibly entice me to pay in those places a bit more.  However, overall the book loads quick, looks great, and reads easily. 4.5/5

Summary– Need some well done characters quickly for your game?  This is the resource you should consider getting.   It reads quickly, is well designed, and has some great characters for your games.  I do have a few minor qualms, but these problems don’t hurt the overall presentation of the book.  If you want to find out how to write a well done NPC book, this is the book to mimic.  95%

Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Machi Koro Harbor Expansion


Product– Machi Koro Harbor Expansion

Producer-IDW Games

Price– $20 here http://www.amazon.com/IDW-Games-AUG142812-Machi-Koro/dp/1631401688/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429068035&sr=8-1&keywords=machi+koro+harbor   OR WIN IT HERE! https://throatpunchgames.com/2015/04/10/machi-koro-give-away/

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 45 minutes (2-5 players)



TL; DR– This is how you improve an original with an expansion. 94%

Basics-TO THE SEA!  The Harbor expansion of Machi Koro adds several new things to the base game.  I’ve previously reviewed the base game here (https://throatpunchgames.com/2015/01/29/ring-side-report-board-game-review-machi-koro/ ).  First and foremost, the harbor expansion now adds a fifth player.  Next, the game completely changes the card availability mechanics.  In the base game, you roll a six-sided die, cards you or other players owned would trigger, and finally you could purchase any available building card or major landmark for your town, with the winner being the person who built all four major buildings.  This addition now mixes all the building cards together in a pile.  Cards are drawn and each different building is placed in a separate pile until 10 different piles are generated instead of having all the buildings face up and available at the start of the game.  Otherwise the game plays the same as before with the first person to build all their landmarks being the winner!

Mechanics– This expansion adds a new player and new cards.  That doesn’t sound like much, but adding the ability to play five people really makes this game that much more fun.  I can get this to the table that much more often.  Honestly, that’s awesome.  Next, the change in card availability is small thing with a huge impact!  Not being able to buy the same thing all the time massively changes the types of decisions made keeping you on your toes creating an atmosphere of positive stress.  This game moved from a simple game to an exercise in smart choices with limited resources.  Honestly, I WON’T play the basic rules again as this rockets the game from a simple Catan-ish game to its own stand alone masterpiece.  It’s still a game where randomness can really destroy a player’s chance.  That said, this game is even more fun now with the small changes added in the expansion.  4.25/5

Theme– The base game isn’t a theme powerhouse, but this game does build nicely on what was there.  This game is called the Harbor expansion, and one of the new landmarks is, obviously, the harbor.  What really improves the theme of this game is now some cards need other landmarks to function.  You CAN’T fish with a tuna boat if you don’t have a harbor to fish from!  It’s a simple addition, but now the cards make a bit more sense.  Also, the random nature of what pops up does make this game feel a bit more like developing a town as different towns try to attract new businesses.  It’s not perfect, but it’s much better!  4.5/5

Instructions– The rules are short, concise, and easy to read.  If you can manage the base game’s pages, then this games short addition is no problem.  It even clarifies some points from the original game that were somewhat fuzzy.  Well done! 5/5

Execution– It’s time for another video!  Watch my unboxing here: http://youtu.be/Dm8ZLiifjlA This expansion is more cards, some being new buildings, more landmarks, and an extra set of landmarks to add a fifth player.  The art is still the Machi Koro style you know and love.  Even, the box is well put together.  This is basically more of what I loved from the original Machi Koro game. 5/5

Summary– Machi Koro is a quick, fun game to begin with.  It might not be the eight hour Eurogame experience some players want, but thirty minutes for a four player game is pretty solid.  The Harbor expansion honestly ups the game to a new level.  It’s simple a better game by just changing the way buildings are reveled as well as the new thematic buildings.  Also, for less than $20, it’s a no brainer.  This is a great game with great additions that also allows for more players! 94%

We have some good news!  IDW Games has given me a copy of the base game to give away!  Want to win the game that started this all?  Click here and follow the instructions- https://throatpunchgames.com/2015/04/10/machi-koro-give-away/