Daily Punch 4-2-15 Jet Ax for Shadowrun 5e

I recently rewatched the the Super Mario Bros. movie.  While it might be somewhat painful, it also wasn’t as bad as I expected!  I did get one idea from that movie as I watched.  Let’s make a combat ax a slightly better choice!

Acc Reach Damage AP AVAIL Cost
Jet Ax 5 or 4 2 (Str+7) P or (Str x 2 +7) P -3 or -6 12F 10,000Y
Gas Canister 10R 50Y

Jet Ax:Where would your Neo Viking be without an ax that that has it’s own cyber-linked gasjet?  This ax can be used as a regular ax that with an accuracy of 5, AP -3, while doing (STR+7)P damage.  However, as a complex action using a wireless smartlink, a canister of CO2 can be fired shooting the ax ahead at an impressive speed using the better stats of the weapon.  Each canister has five charges before it must be replaced as a complex action.


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