Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Shadows in Focus Sioux Nation

Product– Shadowrun: Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation

System– Shadowrun 5e

Producer– Catalyst Game Labs

Price– $ 8 here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/142521/Shadowrun-Shadows-in-Focus-Sioux-Nation

TL; DR– A little pricey, but a great read 92%


Basics– Time to step out onto the range and head into the NAN!  As you can tell by the title, this is a guide book to the Sioux Nation in 2075, a land constantly preparing for war against a much larger aggressor that doesn’t really care about them.  The book is written in the same Shadowslands BBS style that is always a fan favorite covering the geography, magic, government, people, and underworld of the Sioux Nation.  At the end of the book, there are a few small sections on how to great a Sioux Nation shadowrunner giving quick skill guides as well as roleplaying tips.

Mechanics or Crunch– For a splat book that usually doesn’t have anything at all for mechanics, this one is pretty decent.  The last several pages are character creation.  Now, there isn’t anything that specially makes you need to buy this book like say an amazing quality or spell, but the authors took time to write something and even provided skill break downs for quick character generation.  Not bad, but much more than I honestly expected. 4/5

Theme or Fluff-   Plan to run anywhere need the NAN?  Then you need this book.  Want to learn a ton of Shadowrun world history focusing on the Western US?  Then you need this book.  Want a great Shadowrun history book for cheap?  Then you should get this book.  It’s well done with lots of mission hooks and entire campaign hooks built in.  Honestly, you could run a several months game based on the history in this book alone. 5/5


Execution– I’ve been pretty hard on Catalysts bigger books lately.  But, like most of their smaller splat books, this is a well done piece of work.  It flows well, reads quickly, and is fun to get through.  And the price, while a little high, isn’t bad at all for some quality world building. 4.75/5

Summary– This is an amazing nation book.  You get all the information you need with good layout, art, and text.  While there is mechanics and crunch here, my only complaint is I’d like something more mechanically.  Throw in a mentor spirit, some custom gun mod, and maybe a Sioux specific spell, and I’d be on cloud nine.  But as it is, this is a good world book with loots of fluff to start a Shadowrun game or to have on hand when you players decide to knock over a Stuffer Shack in the NAN. 92%

5-27-15 Post Hypnotic Suggestion spell for Shadowrun 5e

I love me some Control Thoughts/ Mob Mind spells, but sometimes you have to be a bit more subtle.  Let’s work on that.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion


Type: M    Range:1 meter

Duration: S        Drain: F+2


Soap Box


Type: M    Range:20 Meters centered around you

Duration: S        Drain: F+4

As you cast the spell you subtlety suggest one action for your target(s) to take, but they believe the idea is completely their own.  This spell is especially taxing, but is unnoticeable by anyone who is not watching astraly as those creatures will notice the spell being cast.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion affects a single target while Soap Box affects a group of targets.  The target(s) will perform the action, will not remember the action, but will not suspect the action is out of character if you sustained the spell until the action is over.  After the action is completed, you can stop sustaining the spell and the target(s) will still not remember the action or think it out of character is brought to the target(s) attention.  If you stop sustaining the spell, and the action is not completed, the target will stop the action and return to normal activity.