5-27-15 Post Hypnotic Suggestion spell for Shadowrun 5e

I love me some Control Thoughts/ Mob Mind spells, but sometimes you have to be a bit more subtle.  Let’s work on that.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion


Type: M    Range:1 meter

Duration: S        Drain: F+2


Soap Box


Type: M    Range:20 Meters centered around you

Duration: S        Drain: F+4

As you cast the spell you subtlety suggest one action for your target(s) to take, but they believe the idea is completely their own.  This spell is especially taxing, but is unnoticeable by anyone who is not watching astraly as those creatures will notice the spell being cast.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion affects a single target while Soap Box affects a group of targets.  The target(s) will perform the action, will not remember the action, but will not suspect the action is out of character if you sustained the spell until the action is over.  After the action is completed, you can stop sustaining the spell and the target(s) will still not remember the action or think it out of character is brought to the target(s) attention.  If you stop sustaining the spell, and the action is not completed, the target will stop the action and return to normal activity.

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