Daily Punch 8-6-15 Friendly talent for Fantasy AGE RPG

How about being friendly?  I don’t want to tell people off, I don’t want to command, I just want to make a nice introduction and make some friends quickly.


Classes: Mage, Rogue, and Warrior

You know how to make an entrence.

Novice: When you make a Communication(Persuasion) test and dislike the result, you can reroll the check.  You must keep the second result.

Journeyman:  Reduce the stunt point cost of the And Another Thing and Flirt roleplaying stunts by 1.  Only reduce the cost for the first use of each in a single roll.

Master:Increase your bonus for Communication(Persuasion) by 1, and you also gain 1 additional stunt point when you gain stunt point normally for a Communication roll.


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