Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of I Hate Zombies

Product– I Hate Zombies

Producer-Board Game Geek

Price– $ 8 but only through the kickstarter so far

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 30 minutes (2-12players)



TL; DR-A great, simple game to get a group playing quickly. 95%


Basics-Man, I HATE ZOMBIES!  I Hate Zombies is a quick party/social game where players get to be either zombies or humans.  After everybody is dealt a card, every other player flips their card from the human side to the zombie side.  Zombies, and only zombies, then attack a human on their right or left by playing rock paper scissors.  If a human lose, they take a wound and turn their card.  If a human takes two wounds, they become a zombie!  If the human wins, then the zombie takes a wound.  Three wounds to a zombie, and that player is out of the game.  Every human has a power that ranges from healing to insta-killing one zombie!  If only humans remain, then the humans have won.  If all the players become zombies, then the zombies win!  It’s that simple.


Mechanics–   This game is crazy combination of Coup and Rock Paper scissors.  It’s fast, fun, and crazy.  However, only the zombies attack.  That’s kind of boring for the human players as they have to just endure the attacks from the zombies.  It doesn’t make me hate the game, but it is a bit boring.  However, it does move fast enough that players get a great taste of the game quickly keeping them from getting board.  4.5/5


Theme-This is a crazy American style game.  Play moves fast, so it does feel like a zombie hoard.  Overall, it’s great.  The humans all feel distinct, but the zombies all just feel like the same old thing.  That could be intentional as the zombies are now a hoard, but I’d like for the zombies to feel a bit distinct.  Furthermore, there isn’t much story here.  It evolves as you play if you play with a great group, but the game itself isn’t a story powerhouse. 4.5/5

Instructions– The rules to the game are short enough they could be written on a napkin.  It’s that simple. It’s also simple enough to be quick playing and easy to explain.  Good job!  5/5


Execution–  This game is a bunch of cards, a bunch of people, and rock paper scissors.  You have to try to screw that up!  What I did get was some awesome art, great physical card stock, and a nice pouch to hold it in that fits in a CD holder.  And the best part is this game costs somewhere around eight bucks.  You get a whole microgame that can get a whole room of people playing for about the cost of a hot and ready pizza from Little Caesars!  5/5

Summary-This is a simple fun game.  It’s not the most complex game out there, and it lacks a little in theme, but it makes up for that in simplicity, speed, and fun.  If you need to get a whole room of people playing a game to break some ice, you would be hard pressed to find a better game than I Hate Zombies! 95%

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