Daily Punch 10-01-15 Rogue AI positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

I recently finished reading Data Trails.  In it, the book mentions how some people tame AIs to work for them.  I think a technomancer should be able to do that.  Let’s make that happen!

Rogue AI Sprite

Cost: 10 karma

Requirement: technomancer

You play with digital fire.  You’ve found where the wild thing are on the net, and you’ve joined their wild rumpus…. and you came back unscathed.  Now, you know where the digital monsters live, and you’ve learned how to make friends with some of the most feral creatures this side of a keyboard.  When you create a sprite, you can instead tame a rogue AI.  The AI can not be registered, but can be compiled as normal with all thresholds for compiling the sprite being chosen at generation except that sprite will take twice as long to compile as you have to actively find the type of AI you want and generate a working relationship.  The type of the AI is exactly the same as the type of sprite you would have generated except the level is one higher than the type you would have registered due to the AI’s more impressive nature.  You may continue to do this process, but if you intentionally mistreat your AI sprites, eventually the AIs will not answer you digital summons.


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