Daily Punch 12-12-16 Dark Flute of the Cult relic for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Alright, let’s get back into the swing of things!

Here is a relic from one of my games for Shadow of the Demon Lord


Dark Flute of the Cult

Play the song of Pain
As an action, you can play the flute. Make a Will challenge roll with 1 bane per use of the flute today. If you succeed, flesh and blood cultist of the demon lord appears and is pulled apart by invisible hooks that write horrific things on the air. You can say these words and cast a spell from the Forbidden tradition of a power level you are normally able to based on your other traditions. If you fail, you gain one corruption and a piece of your soul is stolen.  You feel its loss. By successfully using this flute once, you learn Dark Speech. You do not gain corruption for using this flute if you succeed on the Will challenge roll.




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