Kickstarter Review-Halfsies dice

Produce-Halfsies dice

Producer-John Wrot!

Cost-$9 for a set here


This is a different kind of review than I mostly post.  This is about a dice kickstarter.  I have one simple thing for this review, and that will be pretty apparent soon.


These dice are beautiful.  They look great on the table.  But, I honestly don’t care about that.


These dice are a great size and well balanced.  I rolled them a bunch of times, and I didn’t see any patterns occur.  They feel great and are not tiny.  But, I honestly don’t care about that.


I CAN READ THE DICE FACES!  I have lots of dice.  I’ve seen some specialized dice.  I’ve seen beautiful dice.  I’ve seen well balanced and great sized dice.  What I want are dice that look nice, roll randomly, and I CAN READ THEM!  That’s what I get out of these dice.  We all play D&D in cramped rooms with dim lights.  I’m  too old to read tiny dice with bad dice faces.  All the different color combinations (they are all beautiful BTW), but the number colors all stand out from at least three feet away.  And that’s why I recommend these dice.  Take a look at the picture.  I can read the faces, so hopefully so can you!
Bonus!  These dice are $9 a set.  That beats standard price for dice I have trouble reading!  Check out the kickstarter.  Cheap dice that are done right.

smaller dice2


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