Daily Punch 1-15-18 Explores the mind Foci for Cypher System

Here is a fun new Foci for the Cypher System


You find the mind an extraordinary place. It’s a fun place to play! Maybe you talk and work the blackbox from the outside like a therapist, hoping to help your patients. Maybe you work as a psychic, reading the mind in a haze vail stumbling through the hidden world of the soul. Of maybe you are a wizard who directly enters the mind and alters it to how you see fit! In any case, you peek into people and want to know more.

Connection: Choose one of the following.

1. Pick one other PC. That person’s mind is a puzzle, and you’re going to solve it!

2. Pick one other PC. You are the only person who understands that person’s pain, and you’re going to help them!

3. Pick one other PC. That person is the secret origin of why you explore the mind and you want to help that person as way of thanks.

4. Pick one other PC. That is a place where madness lay.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You cause the target to second guess everything causing everything it does to be soon with a one level penalty.

Major Effect Suggestion: You shatter a targets concentration so it does not act for a turn.

Tier 1: Studied Mind . You gain training to read people and training in making people see your point of view, +1 to your Intellect Edge, and 5 additional points to your Intellect Pool. Enabler.
Hesitation(3 Intellect Points) . Your words or abilities carry wait on the mind. If you hit, you cause the target to studder in word and deed, granting all allies an asset to all defence rolls against the target. Action.

Tier 2: Soothe The Mind (3 Intellect points). You use your command of others to inspire people and repair damage done. The target of this ability heals 1d6 +your tier intellect points, and ends any mental negative effect on them. If the target isn’t affected by anything, they instead gain an asset on their next action. If used on an box, any mental effect ends on the target and if its mental state affected my a malady, that ends for scene. It is up to the GM to determine if that effect ends for good or just the scene. Once effected by this ability, the ability can not be used on that target for one day. Action.

Tier 3: Researched Focus. You are specialized in reading emotions and making people see your point of view. Enabler.
Cutting Words (5 Intellect points). Through spell, word, or manipulation, you tinker with a view mind. On a successful attack of a target that you can see, the target of this ability is dealt 4 intellect damage, ignoring armor. If the intellect pool is empty, the damage is applied to speed, then might. Action.

Tier 4: Complete Rewrite (6 Intellect points. Once each day, you can completely rewrite the mind of a target for a time. On a successful attack, the target completely bends to your will. You can completely control the target. The first command you give the target is followed with complete accuracy for one hour. Any second action that is completely out of character may require a second success. The target is under this effect for a minimum of one hour, where you must make anothet success, for up to 24 hours of control. You are not aware of the targets actions, but it will follow your command until the ability ends. Action.

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