Daily Punch 3-14-22 BioCharger technological item for Starfinder

Let’s bring some of my job into this. I teach biology and chemistry and A LOT of biochemistry. Funny story- you run on electricity! One of the major points of metabolism is to break chemical bond and pull out high powered electrons. Those go to power thing that make your energy (ATP). What if we stole those electrons for something else?


Level 5; Price 3,000; Bulk L


Capacity -; Usage: 1/hour

This forearm sized flat roll with an attachment slot is laid on to a patch of flesh. After an hour, it collects enough of your own biological energy to recharge one device of bulk 1 or less or 20 charges for one clip of ammunition. Multiple charges can be applied to one device after each hour of recuperation on the part of the person wearing the biocharger. The biocharger does take a toll on the wearer though. The wearer takes a -1 penalty to Fortitude saves and loses 1 hit point per level while earing the device.


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