Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Frog Logs

Product-Frog Logs

Product-Frog Logs

Producer– Guildmaster Games

Price-$29 on kickstarter soon!

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 10 minutes

Type- Dexterity


TL; DR– Keep the fun running fast! 90%

Basics- Let’s get stacking!  In Frog Logs each player stacks a bent frog card on top of a log and another frog.  If your frog stays upright, then you score!  If it falls or knocks others off, then you don’t score that round.  First to six points or be out of frogs wins!

Mechanics–   This is just pure dexterity based fun. It’s a fast game of stacking the frogs to get the most points.  Simply a joy.  5/5

Theme-I like this game, but if you are looking for Gloomhaven levels of story, then you are out of luck.  That said, it’s funny frogs jumping on each other and a log.  For what it is, it’s solid. 4.5/5

Instructions–  The print and play simple rules are fun and quick enough to get playing in shorter time than it takes to cut the cards.  That said, the rules on the kickstarter do a better job of explaining exact car placement and finer rules points.  But keep in mind, this is not a game where your friends argue over small details for hours in deep minutiae. Stack the frog and win the points.  I think the rules in the box will do a much better job than the one page print and play files. 4.5/5

Execution– The game is put together well!  The print and play is a fantastic version that get you playing in 10 minutes with print time.  The physical version looks amazing and portable.  That said, the price might be a bit high.  The game is from Australia so prices and shipping will always be a bit higher.  4/5

Summary–  Frog Logs was part of a quick design challenge, and honestly that doesn’t show.  It feels like a solid, well designed dexterity game that doesn’t over stay its welcome.  It will not be the weekend killer game that you play 72 hours straight in one epic game session, but if you are at the bar with the buds and you want to play a simple game, this is it.  Or, if you and your friends finish a game before the other group of friends at the game night, this is an absolutely amazing filler game between the longer games to keep the fun rolling.  The price is a bit high, but not out of the realm of other similar games.  Honestly, if you have the extra cash, this would be a fine, quick game to add to your collection.  90%

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