Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Hallows Hill

Product– Hallows Hill

System- Online escape room

Producer– Wolf Escape Games

Price– $ here https://wolfescapegames.com/en-us 


Basics–  Will you find her?  Hallows Hill is an online escape room where you and as many friends as you theoretically want can all try to find your escaped elderly patient.  Will you find her among the burnt down house?

Mechanics or Crunch– Do you like the basic mechanics of an escape room?  Wolf Escape Games has made a quality product that works well.  In a physical room, you are told that physical objects glued down are not props, and the same applies here.  There are interaction icons and then objects go into a communal file for all to view together on a big screen, or individually on their mobile devices.  You solve puzzles and move forward just like the rooms I love.  It’s over 90 minutes and you have all the time you want, so it’s a fun experience that makes you feel like you are really there playing with locks and finding clues.  My one issue is that the last puzzle’s solution was a bit obscure.  We got it, but it’s a bit odd.  Overall, it feels like a regular escape room.   4.75/5

Theme or Fluff– I felt like I was in a movie and an escape room at the same time.  There are cut scenes, voice work, and all the toys that a solid digital and live experience can deliver.  The story is fun and takes some interesting turns as well.  I also had all the basic feelings of an escape room while on my couch with friends.  Solid work!   5/5

Execution– This is honestly the best part of the whole experience.  The website logs your time and progress, so when the pizza shows up half way and spooks you, you can take 20, eat,a nd then hop back in with no penalty.  AND when you find a new piece of a puzzel, it enters a community backpack.  EVERY PLAYER CAN USE AN APP TO SEE THE BACKPACK!  AND ITS BRIGHT ENOUGH TO SEE!  I love escape rooms, but older eyes struggle in low light!  The app worked well on both android and IOS.  Solid work on an experience I can’t want to do again! 5/5

Summary– Ever since I’ve gotten into escape rooms, I can’t wait to go again and again.  Wolf Escape Rooms have put forward an AMAZING experience that I just can’t wait to do again.  I love the puzzles and most felt like they flowed well.  Even the last one where I was a bit lost had enough help without requesting hints to get me through. The story is fantastic with honest horror elements and solid fun.  The production and execution is fantastic, and I honesty wish physical places did this as well!  My only serious issue is that this place hasn’t made a second room!  98%


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