Daily Punch 12-2-15 Conjure Turret spell for Shadow of the Demon Lord

One of the things I want for the Technology Tradition is the ability to conjure small, mechanical creatures.  Let’s start to make that a thing!



Area A cure of space, 1/4 yard on a side, originating from a point within short range and resting on a solid surface

Duration 1 minute or until the creature runs out of ammunition                  

You  creature a small mechanical turret within the area.  The turret has the following stats:


size 1/2

Perception 13

Defense 15 Health 12

Stregnth 6(-4) Agility 12 (+2) Intellect 10 (+0) Will 10 (+0)

Speed 0

Immune gaining insanity, blinded, asleep, fatigued, charmed, diseased, frightened, poisoned, stunned


Shot Bolt (medium range) +2 (1d6)

Daily Punch 9-8-15 Iron Skin Magic Spell for Shadow of the Demon Lord

I like what I see from Shadow of the Demon Lord.  Let’s build onto what I see.

Iron Skin                                                               Technomancy utility 0

Duration 1 hour                                                                                           

For the duration, your skin becomes as hard as iron.

You reduce all damage you take from weapons by 1 + your level per attack.

Your fists also do 1d3 instead of the normal damage.

If your normal unarmed damage is higher, increase the damage

one step.