Daily Punch 3-31-21 Focus Pathfinder Archetype Feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Thinking about this one for all the games I play.

Focus  Two Actions Feat 4

Archetype Concentrate Skill

Archetype Pathfinder Agent
Prerequisites Pathfinder Agent Dedication

You have learned how to focus under pressure by taking a breath. When you gain this feat, choose a number of skills equal to your intelligence modifier. Perform skill check from one of the skill chosen that only requiring one action. You gain a bonus to the check depending on your proficiency.



Daily Punch 2-1-21 Pathfinder Reflexes archetype feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

How about some building on the Pathfinder base?

Pathfinder Reflexes  Feat 10

Archetype Pathfinder Agent
Prerequisites Pathfinder Agent Dedication, Environmental Explorer

Pathfinders train to stay alive when things get rough and the traps start springing. When you roll a critically fail a Reflex save, you get a failure instead. In addition, when you roll a success on a Reflex save, you get a critical success instead.

Daily Punch 7-30-20 Thug rogue archetype for DnD 5e

Working on a project, and this didn’t quite make the cut. How about a rogue that gets down an dirty.


You don’t work in the dark. You walk right up to somebody, face to face, and get to work. And that work is bloody. You might hate that work, or you might love it. You might be self employed as a bruiser, or you might be the hired muscle that a cartel throws at the mouthy. In either case you are the one who walks up close and hurts people.

Bone Breaker

Starting at level 3, you don’t have to stick to small tools. You can use any weapon to do sneak attack damage. The normal sneak attack rules still apply as the target must be unaware or you and an ally are both engaged with the target.

Right in the Face

At 9th level, you revel in the carnage of a fight. When you are engaged with a target, your sneak attack are now d8s instead d6.


At 13th level you’ve mastered getting people attention in a way they definitely don’t want. A number of times per day equal to twice your Strength modifier, when you make a sneak attack, the target must make Constitution saving throw (DC equal to 8 + Strength modifier + proficiency modifier). On a failure, the target is stunned until the end of your next turn.

Working alone

When you reach 17th level, you’ve learned how to break bones all by yourself. A number of times per day equal to your Strength modifier, you may deal your sneak attack on an attack with which you would normally not be able to do so.


Daily Punch 8-14-19 Herne’s Apprentice Ranger Archetype for DnD 5e

More devil killers for DnD 5e!  Now for the Ranger!

Herne’s Apprentice

Herne hunts his pray long before you were born, and he will do it long after you die.  You grew to love the hunt, and wanted to follow the great hunter.  Along the way you swore allegiance to the man and his masters, one of these masters was the devil himself.  Now, you will use Herne’s training to hunt this master to end the bonds that tie you to that monster!


At 3rd level, you initiate yourself as Herne himself did as a sacrifice for to yourself on a tree.  You’re type changes to undead.  You gain damage reduction to cold and necrotic damage.  You also no longer need to eat or breath.

Horned Hunter

At 7th level, you grow antlers like your hunter.  You gain a magic piercing attack that does 1d8+1 magic piercing damage with which you are proficient.  In addition, you gain the wild shape as a druid of your level but you may only change into horned creatures.

Horrors of the Hunter

At 11th level, you begin to frighten even your enemies.  At the start of each round, you can choose to frighten anyone of your choice.  Each creature of your  choice that is within 50 feet of you and aware of you must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for 1 minute.  The DC is equal to 8 + your Charisma modifier + your proficiency. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. If a creature’s saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to this effect for the next 24 hours.  Even creatures that are normally immune to fear effects only receive advantage on the saving throw.

Chain and Horn

At 15th level, you gain Herne’s most treasured items.  Gain the following below.

  • Chain: You gain a magic chain the wraps round your enemies.  As a bonus action each round, you can attack an enemy with this melee weapon up to 30 feet away.  The attack deals 1d6+2 magic bludgeoning damage with with you are proficient.  If an enemy is hit, you can drag the enemy up to you.
  • Horn of the Hunter: Once per day, you may use an animal horn as an action.  This summons 6 dire wolves.  These wolves obey you as if summoned via conjure animals.  You regain the use of this ability after a long rest.




Daily Punch 4-12-18 Orion’s Apprentice Ranger Archetype for DnD 5e

How about a giant that teaches a hunter to be a better stalker?


Orion’s Apprentice

Not all giants are evil, some are simply boisterous, and your master is no different.  Orion is a master huntsman who has gift far above mortal men and giants.  He has taken you under his wing and provided you with gifts that are amazing and terrible to behold.


Orion’s Own Gifts

At 3rd level, you gain some of the masters power as you train in his stead.  You gain advantage on all Strength(athletics) and Wisdom(survival) checks.  In addition, you gain the ability to cast waterwalk once per day.

The Gifts of Helios

At 7th level, you gain the gift of healing from the sun itself.  Once per day, as a bonus action you may spend as many healing surges as you want healing as normal from each surge.

Gift of Sirius

At 11th level, you gain the gift of survive from the master’s dog.  You gain conjure animals as an extra prepared spell.  You may also cast conjure animals once per day as a bonus action. that does not require concentration and the animals last for up to eight hours.  The animals conjured by this spell still act as if summoned by the spell conjure animals,  but you may only conjure an animal that is canine in nature if you cast this spell as a bonus action.

Final Lesson of the Master

At 15th level, you learn exactly what was such a painful lesson for the maters.  From now on you can coat your weapons in poison from a scorpion changing all your weapon damage to poison if you choose.  In addition, you can a number of time per day equal to your wisdom modifier coat your weapons in Wyvern poison.  A creature struck with this weapon  must make a Constitution saving throw (DC equal to your spell save DC) taking 30 (10d6) poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Daily Punch 10-28-16 Vampirović Ranger archetype for DnD 5e

It’s Halloween time, so let’s post some Halloween things!


You were born after a holy day or on a day of rest, and that birthright has given you some great powers and some responsibility.  You hunt the creatures of the grave.  It is not a nice life, but it is one you have been given.  You are a feared as revered with a curse that you may never lose.


Dead Prey

At 3rd level,  you learn the tricks of hurting those that don’t feel pain.  When you hit an undead creature with a weapon attack, it is deal an additional 1d8 points of damage. You can deal this extra damage only once per turn.

See the Unseen

At 7th level, you learn to see through the tricks of the undead.  Undead have disadvantage on Dexterity(stealth) checks against you and any power or spell cast by an undead that makes them invisible does not work on you.  You see all invisible undead as if you had trusight out to 60 feet.



At 11th level, you gain the ability to strike faster than most men or women.  When you take the attack action, you may make on addition attack as part of the same action.

Know Their Tricks

At 15th level, you’ve conditioned your body and mind to deal with tricks used by the undead.  You have advantage on saving throws against abilities and effects from undead creatures.



When a vampirović he will arise as a vampire after six days if the body is not interned and rituals performed.  He will remember who he was, but will still carve blood as a vampire.



Daily Punch 10-19-16 Black Powder Witch archetype for Pathfinder

How about we continue the idea of a Witch Gun in one more game..


Black Powder Witch

Some witches toil over cauldrons, but you work clockwork with ease.  You keep the more esoteric parts of the witch lifestyle, but you’ve added more modern flare with the acceptance of clockwork, gears, and powder.  You’re spells make you dangerous, but  Alkenstar makes you deadly.

Patron: A Black Powder Witch cannot choose a patron whose interests or theme opposes that of technology.


A Black Powder Witch replaces some of her patron spells with the following: 2nd—prismatic sphere, 4th—wood shape, 6th—stone shape, 8th—minor creation, 10th—fabricate, 12th—major creation, 14th—mage’s magnificent mansion, 16th—statue, 18th—wooden phalanx.

Witch Gun (Sp)

A Black Powder Witch loses the ability to cast cantrips.  The witch gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) and Gunsmithing as bonus feats.  A Black Powder Witch  also gains one of the following firearms of her choice: blunderbuss, musket, or pistol. Her starting weapon is battered, and only she knows how to use it properly. All other creatures treat her gun as if it had the broken condition.

As a spell-like ability as a standard action, a Black Powder Witch can cast a hex when she fires a firearm.  The target makes all saves against the hex as normal, but the witch must strike the target and do damage for the hex to take effect.  If the attack misses or fails to do damage, then the target does not have to make a save against the hex.  The ability modified hex and cantrips.

Construct empathy(Ex)

A Black Powder Witch must select a minor construct familiar when selecting her familiar.  This ability modifies Witch Familiar.

Minor Clockwork Familiar CR 1/5

N Tiny construct (clockwork)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +5


AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+2 Dex, +2 natural, +2size)
hp 5 (1d10)
Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +1
DR 1/adamantine; Immune construct traits;
Weaknesses vulnerable to electricity


Speed 30 ft., fly 50 ft. (perfect)
Melee bite +3 (1d3 electricity)


Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 3
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14
Skills Fly +5, Perception +4, Stealth +5
Languages Common

SA Familiar


The master of a minor clockwork familiar gains DR 1/adamantine.


Loss of Nature(Ex)

A Black Powder Witch loses knowledge(nature) as a class skill but gains knowledge (engineering).





Daily Punch 8-16-16 Giant Bloodline Sorcerous Origin for DnD 5e

Let’s get back to the giant archetypes with the Giant Bloodline for the DnD 5e Sorcerer.

Giant Bloodline

Giants are brutish creatures that don’t always kill those they capture.  Or some seek them out to live among them in the wilderness.  In either case, some children emerge from unions that may occur in the wilderness.  You are one of these children.  Your magic power emerged early as your giant heritage began to take hold.

Giant Ancestor

Giant blood flows through your veins making you tougher than most. At 1st level, increase your Constitution or Strength by 3, to a maximum of 20.

Violent Tendencies

Starting at 6th level you become increasingly aggressive.  When you cast a cantrip you may also make a strength-based melee or thrown weapon ranged attack as part of the same action.

Muscle Mass Growth

At 14th level, your body continues to inherit more of your giant ancestral traits.  You gain a +3 to Strength or Constitution, to a maximum of 20.

Giant Apotheosis

Beginning at 18th level, you grow into the giant you were always meant to be.  Increase your size to one category larger and change all your hit dice to d12s and recalculate your hit points.

Daily Punch 8-10-16 Jack the Giant Slayer rogue archetype for DnD 5e

We had a rogue who jumped a candle, so how about a rogue who killed a giant?


Jack the Giant Slayer

Most rogues are sneaky fellows who walk the dark paths and hide in the shadows.  You are not the person.  You favor strength over speed . You follow a member of an old court of knights.  Your mentor Jack the Giant Slayer used deception, large axes, and magic items to fell any foe fool enough cross your path.

Strong Hands

The original Jack the Giant Slayer fell a beanstalk with an ax.  You’ve trained to follow in his foot steps.  Starting at 3rd level, you can make sneak attack with non-finesse weapons.  In addition, you can now wield non-light weapons off-hand.  Two-handed weapons must still be wielded two-handed.

Quick Climber

Jack climbed a beanstalk, and you know how to do the same.  You climb at the same rate you  walk on the ground, unless you posses a faster climbing spread already.

In addition, you gain advantage on all Strength(athletics) checks.

Cormoran’s Bane

Jack lied to giants to the point they killed themselves, and starting at 9th level, you gain advantage on a Charisma(Deception) checks.

Gift of the Round Table

Jack beat the devil at his own game, and he was awarded a magic sword, a cap of knowledge, a cloak of invisibility, and the shoes of swiftness.  When you become 13th level, you are award a gift of your choosing from the round table.  You must choose between a +1 weapon, a cloak of displacement, headband of intellect, or boots of speed.  When chosen, this choice can never be undone

Thunderel Slayer

When you reach 17th level, you may not be the Jack of old, but you are the Jack of now!  As a bonus action you can make a Charisma(Deception) check against another creature.  If that creature fails, you gain advantage on your next attack roll against the creature.

In addition, when you reach level 17, your sneak attack damage against creatures larger than yourself increase to 1d8’s.  If your sneak attack dice are already 1d8’s or larger, increase your sneak attack dice to the next larger dice size.