Daily Punch 12-1-22 Jumper augment for Starfinder

I want things you can add to your droids. Let’s make this happen!


This battery attaches to a mechanic’s drone main power source and when the drone takes enough damage to stop its function, its instantly regenerates a portion of its hit points to keep it in the fight. The attack that causes enough damage to the drone to zero hit points finishes and then the drone regains hit points as below

ModelLevelPriceHP restored
Mk 142,1201/level
Mk 289,2501/4 maximum
Mk 31233,6001/2 maximum

 Jumper, Mk 1

Item Level 4; Price 2,120; System drone

 Jumper, Mk 2

Item Level 8; Price 9,250; System drone

Jumper, Mk 3

Item Level 8; Price 33,600; System drone

Daily Punch 5-27-21 HUD eye augmentation for Starfinder

I pay way too many video games with heads up displays. Time for that in Starfinder!

Heads Up Display Ocular Implant

Item Level 5; Price 2,825; System Eyes
This small implant is placed into your eye but leave most of your eye intact. You gain access to your computer at all times assuming that you have linked the computer to this augment. You can move the display in your vision to be full view or occupy a small area. This does not distract you but you must still use normal actions to interact with your display. This enhancement can be linked to any non-archaic weapon you have to also allow you to gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls as you network and analyze your attacks with telemetric and biometric data with your weapon and computer.


Daily Punch 1-14-21 Safety Shield magitech for Starfinder

I want more grenade smash in my games. Let’s make that happen!

Safety Shield, Mk 152,750armor
Safety Shield, Mk 21018,000armor
Safety Shield, Mk 315102,000armor
Safety Shield, Mk 420891,000armor

The safety shield is a magical augment that locks to a pieces of armor. The shield provides one directional shield that helps vent explosions around the barer. When the barer uses an explosive device and is inside the area of effect, the shield prevents the barer from damage from the effect as long as the device’s level is equal to or lower than that of the safety shield.


Daily Punch 9-7-20 Damage Augment gun augment for Starfinder

How about some love for weapons. You can augment your body, so why not your gun?

Damage Augment76500Gun 

This small disk is placed along the barrel of has a small dial. As an action, you can change the damage type of the weapon of the weapon to acid, electric, fire, cold, or sonic damage instead of the weapons normal type for the weapon. This lasts until the damage type is changed again.