Daily Punch 12-1-22 Jumper augment for Starfinder

I want things you can add to your droids. Let’s make this happen!


This battery attaches to a mechanic’s drone main power source and when the drone takes enough damage to stop its function, its instantly regenerates a portion of its hit points to keep it in the fight. The attack that causes enough damage to the drone to zero hit points finishes and then the drone regains hit points as below

ModelLevelPriceHP restored
Mk 142,1201/level
Mk 289,2501/4 maximum
Mk 31233,6001/2 maximum

 Jumper, Mk 1

Item Level 4; Price 2,120; System drone

 Jumper, Mk 2

Item Level 8; Price 9,250; System drone

Jumper, Mk 3

Item Level 8; Price 33,600; System drone


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