Daily Punch 12-1-22 Jumper augment for Starfinder

I want things you can add to your droids. Let’s make this happen!


This battery attaches to a mechanic’s drone main power source and when the drone takes enough damage to stop its function, its instantly regenerates a portion of its hit points to keep it in the fight. The attack that causes enough damage to the drone to zero hit points finishes and then the drone regains hit points as below

ModelLevelPriceHP restored
Mk 142,1201/level
Mk 289,2501/4 maximum
Mk 31233,6001/2 maximum

 Jumper, Mk 1

Item Level 4; Price 2,120; System drone

 Jumper, Mk 2

Item Level 8; Price 9,250; System drone

Jumper, Mk 3

Item Level 8; Price 33,600; System drone

Daily Punch 10-13-22 Belt of Potions item for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Ok, one last system for this one.

Belt of Potions Item 3

Price 55 gp
Usage wornBulk 1
This belt features ten different loops that a character can put potions into as well as a long thin rubber straw that is placed into a potion and rungs under a characters armor to a their mouth. As an action, a character can put a potion into a loop. As a separate action, a character can move the straw to a different potion. As a free action, a character can drink the potion that the straw is currently in.

Daily Punch 8-3 and 8-4 Spell Force Foci for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

There are no items to boost your spell attack rolls in Pathfinder 2e. I have a caster who wants them. LET’S MAKE THEM!

Spell Force Foci are crafted by gifted casters in each tradition, and their appearance and abilities are tied to that tradition. Arcane foci are built into tomes. Divine foci are built into prayer beads. Occult foci are made from fetishes. Primal foci are built from wood carvings. And, elemental foci are clay bottles with elements inside of them. These foci increase the potency of your spell attack rolls. These items are held in one hand when you cast a spell and does not imped somatic components of a spell but are integrated into them.

Spell Force Foci (+1) Item 2

Price 35 gp

Usage held in 1 hand

The item bonus to spell attack rolls is +1.

Spell Force Foci (+2) Item 10

Price 935 gp

Usage held in 1 hand
The item bonus to spell attack rolls is +2.

Weapon Potency (+3) Item 16

Price 8,935 gp

Usage held in 1 hand
The item bonus to spell attack rolls is +3.

Daily Punch 9-10-19 Undead Spike magic item for Starfinder

And now starfinder!



Undead Spike

Level 13

Price 52,000 Bulk L

This heavy cold iron spike contains some of the oldest necromancy in existence. As a standard action,, you may make a melee attack with the spike against an undead creature that is adjacent to a surface, either vertical or horizontal.  On a hit against an undead creature, the target must make a DC 20 Fortitude save.  On a failure, the creature is impaled against the surface.  The creature cannot remove the spike if it failed the original save nor can it use magic or abilities to cause another creature to remove the spike via mind control.  A creature may willingly removed the spike ending the effect against the original target.  On a successful save, the creature just takes 1d6 piercing damage with no other effect.



Thoughts?  Not a lot of changes between 5e and Starfinder.

Daily Punch 11-2-17 Adrenal Surge item for Starfinder

One more quick Starfinder Idea.  Let’s make Stamina happen mid battle!

Item Level Cost Weight RP Used
Adrenal Surge, mk 1 1 50 L 3
Adrenal Surge, mk 2 5 425 L 2
Adrenal Surge, mk 3 9 1,950 L 1
Adrenal Surge

This syringe is plunged right into the hear(s) of the user.  It floods the user with chemicals that instantly revitalize the user restoring all Stamina Points at the cost of RP.  The different levels of the serum represent different crudities of the production and deployment as the more pure hormones cost more to produce and cause less damage to the user.



Daily Punch 8-19-16 Portable Router item for Shadowrun 5e

One last SR update for a bit.  How about an item?



Portable Router

Sometimes you need a router in the bush to start a small network.  It doesn’t connect to the regular matrix, so it will not alleviate any problems from not having a network connection.  But, it does eliminate noise penalties for network operations in its radius.  It’s not protected unless you have a comlink, deck, or RCC to protect it, but it does get the job done!  It has a range of 0.5 km per rating of the device.  This can be mounted to a drone or car costing the space of one weapon mount.

Availability          Price

Portable Router                rating X 3        rating x 2000Y

Daily Punch 9-15-14 Quick Spell Ring for DnD Next

Well the last thing I designed was a helm, how about an item that is a bit more serious for DnD Next?


Quick Spell Ring

Ring, rare (requires attunment)

This simple white gold ring is marked with an etching of a spellbook.

When you prepare spells, you my spend two spell slots.  One of these spellslots much be higher then or equal to the other.  As a free action, once per day, you may cast a spell with a level equal to the lower of the two spell slots.