Daily Punch 9-15-21 Lore Expert bard feat for DnD 5e

Let’s keep building now on to Bards!

Lore Expert

prerequisite: college of lore

Time to apply all the things you learned college! Gain the following benefits:

  • When a target of your bardic inspiration uses their die, they may roll twice and take which ever die they want.
  • When you use your cunning words, roll twice and take which ever result you want.
  • When you use a skill which which you are proficient from your bonus proficiencies, you add 1 and 1/2, rounded down, your ability modifier instead of use your ability modifier.

Thoughts? Too much or just enough?

Daily Punch 5-12-21 Teachers College bardic college for DnD 5e

Working my way through each of the classes for educated warriors. Time for a bard!

Teachers College

Not all bards sit in taverns and sing sappy songs for coins. Some go out and teach others the things they know. They spread knowledge where others spread rumor and bawdy tails. You spend your time equally in books and in discussions to help those around you learn all they can to be better. Everyone needs to learn what you know, so it’s time to hit the book and the road so everyone can learn!

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the Teachers College at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with two skills of your choice.

Lead By Example

At 3rd level, you gain additional bardic inspirations equal to half your level. When an ally you can see attempts a skill with which you are proficient, as a reaction you can coach them in their attempt giving them a bardic inspiration for the check.

Lecture and Practice

At 6th level, you become an even better teacher. If you spend an hour with an ally and spend two bardic inspirations, that ally becomes proficient in one skill you can use for the day. This ability last until the ally takes a long rest. Multiple allies can listen to your lecture and you can spend multiple bardic inspirations dice to provide them all different or the same skill.

You also learn the spell guidance as a bonus spell.

Drop in Help

Starting at 14th level, you gain the ability to cast guidance as a reaction when an ally attempts an attack, check, or save.


Daily Punch 10-2-19 College of the Crossroads bardic college for DnD 5e

How about some more fun for DnD 5e?


College of the Crossroads

You might have been the best there was or you might not have been able to pluck a string, but boy after the man or woman in black met you and tuned your fiddle at midnight at the crossroads, you became a titan of stringed instriment.  You made a deal or maybe you won a contest, but either way, you have powers most didn’t think possible all at the low cost of having to watch your back for the rest of your days lest someone come collect

College of the Crossroads Features
Bard Level Feature
3rd Bonus Proficiencies, Fiddle of Gold
6th Dark Songs
14th Hounds of Hell

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the College of the Crossroads at 3rd level, you double your proficiency for any stringed instrument you use.  You also gain proficiency in arcana and religion if you were not proficient in those or you gain proficiency in another skill for each one with which you were already proficient.

Fiddle of Gold

Also at 3rd level, you learned to summon an instrument you got from the man in black.  The instrument is a golden stringed instrument that always is immaculate, has perfect pitch and counts as a +1 magic club for any melee attacks you make with it.  It can be used as a focus for any spells you cast giving you a +1 bonus to your DC and to any spell attacks you make with it.  At level 11, these bonuses becomes a +2, and at level 17 these bonuses becomes a +3.  You can dismiss the resummon the instrument as often as you want as a bonus action.

Dark Songs

Starting at 6th level, you’ve learned more from your former master.  You gain access to warlock spells when you gain new spells or the chance to replace a spell, but you may not know more than four warlock spells.  These spells count against your normal number of spells.

Hounds of Hell

At 14th level, the devil begins to claim his due, but you’ve becomes a silver tongued fiend in your own right having mastered the first monsters sent to collect you.  Once per day, you may as an action summon three hell hounds.  These creatures obey your commands, but you must use a bonus action each turn to direct them or they act according to their own interests.  If they die or are dismissed as an action, you can resummon them again after a long rest.





Daily Punch 6-6-16 Student of Loki bardic college for DnD 5e

We’re working our way through giant themes for characters, so today is bards!  I think bards would get a little Loki touched with a new bardic college…..

Student of Loki

Some bards learn from time honored traditions, some get an education in buildings where the elders teach the young, and then some like you get a little more “hands on” training.  Your master isn’t exactly kind, nice, or clear in his instructions, but he does grant you more power than you thought you would ever have.

Silver-Tongued Devil

When you start receiving instruction from Loki at 3rd level, you gain expertise as a rogue in Charisma(persuasion), Charisma(deception), and Wisdom(insight).  Double the number of bardic inspiration dice you receive.

Master of Illusion

Also at 3rd level, you learn the secrets far beyond most others, but only to lie to others.  Add all illusion spells on the wizards spell list to the available spells you can cast.

Believe Your Own Lies

At 6th level, you learn the secret of being the best liar-believe your own lies.  When you cast a spell, you can spend two bardic inspiration dice to cause the target to have disadvantage on any saves for that spell.  You must spend two dice per target of the spell.

Learn the Masters Touch

Starting at 14th level,  the master has finally taught you the true ropes. When you make a Charisma check, you can expend one use of Bardic Inspiration to gain advantage on the roll.