Daily Punch 5-12-21 Teachers College bardic college for DnD 5e

Working my way through each of the classes for educated warriors. Time for a bard!

Teachers College

Not all bards sit in taverns and sing sappy songs for coins. Some go out and teach others the things they know. They spread knowledge where others spread rumor and bawdy tails. You spend your time equally in books and in discussions to help those around you learn all they can to be better. Everyone needs to learn what you know, so it’s time to hit the book and the road so everyone can learn!

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the Teachers College at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with two skills of your choice.

Lead By Example

At 3rd level, you gain additional bardic inspirations equal to half your level. When an ally you can see attempts a skill with which you are proficient, as a reaction you can coach them in their attempt giving them a bardic inspiration for the check.

Lecture and Practice

At 6th level, you become an even better teacher. If you spend an hour with an ally and spend two bardic inspirations, that ally becomes proficient in one skill you can use for the day. This ability last until the ally takes a long rest. Multiple allies can listen to your lecture and you can spend multiple bardic inspirations dice to provide them all different or the same skill.

You also learn the spell guidance as a bonus spell.

Drop in Help

Starting at 14th level, you gain the ability to cast guidance as a reaction when an ally attempts an attack, check, or save.


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