Daily Punch 1-16-23 Fast and Focused feat for Starfinder

I have players who what to run, kill, and run some more!

Fast and Focused (Combat)

You’re a nimble minx.

Prerequisites: Spring Attack, Shoot on the Run, or Agile Casting

Benefit: When a feat grants you the ability to use a full action to move and do another action in the middle of that move, that action now becomes a standard action instead.


Daily Punch 6-1-22 GRENADE PUNCH[COMBAT] feat for Starfinder

I had a player decide he REALLY wanted to play with fire!

Grenade Punch(Combat)

Prerequisites: Grenade Proficiency, base attack bonus +7
Move like a butterfly, sting like a bomb.

Benefit: When you make an unarmed melee attack, you can pull a grenade from an available location like drawing a weapon and stick it to the target of the melee attack on a hit. The target will not receive a reflex saving throw to avoid damage and effects, and it will the the only target dealt damage and effects of the grenade.


Daily Punch 4-20-22 BOUNCE CONTROL (COMBAT) feat for Starfinder

Not sure why I’ve been obsessed with throwing explosives in games lately, but here is the last one for a bit.


You might not be on target but it goes where you want.

Prerequisites: base attack bonus +3.

Benefit: When you make an attack with a grenade or thrown weapon and miss, you roll both which way object bounces and how may squares it bounces twice and you take whichever result you want.