Daily Punch 5-8-23 Grab and Smash Combat feat for Starfinder

You ever want to beat one m*****erF***** with another m*****erF*****?

Grab and Smash (Combat)

You’ve gotten good at hurting people with other people!

Prerequisites: Improved Combat Maneuver (grapple)

Benefit: If you start your turn holding another creature, you can slam that creature into a creature in range as a full round action. You must be at least as large as the creature you are holding. Make a melee attack. If you hit, the creature you hit take damage based on the size of the creature you are swinging, and the creature you are swinging take damage based on the size of the creature you hit. The damage below is for for every four levels of CR the creature possess. After the attack, you must make another grapple attempt to maintain the hold as part of the full round action.

Colossal 1d12

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