Daily Punch 3-23-23 Divine Boon feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

time to help others!

Divine Boon Feat 4

Cleric Metamagic
Prerequisites healing font

The god’s bless those who you bless. When you cast heal, any ally targeted by this spell can choose gain a +1 status bonus to AC or a +1 status bonus to attack until the end of their next round.


Daily Punch 3-22-23 Divine Boon feat for Starfinder

The Gods provide!

Divine Boon

The gods care for any you bestow a blessing upon.

Prerequisites: Mystic, Mysticism 5 ranks.

Benefit: When you cast a Mystic spell that targets an ally, that ally can choose to gain a +1 divine bonus to AC or a +1 divine bonus to attacks till the end of its next turn.


Daily Punch 3-10-23 Increasing Advantage feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

My poor brother can’t hit. Let’s help him.

Increasing Advantage Feat 1


FINE! I’LL HIT YOU NEXT TIME! Every turn you make at least one attack roll and you fail to hit with any attack that turn, you gain an increasing +1 circumstance bonus to your next attacks the next turn. This bonus can increase up to your proficiency bonus used in the attack roll. When you hit, this bonus is lost instantly.


Daily Punch 2-17-23 Minimum Criticals for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Played a game with my brothers, and my brother the crit machine just could not roll above a 1. He was mad. let’s fix this!

Minimum Criticals Feat 1


When you swing hard, you are at least guaranteed to get somewhere! When you roll damage for a critical hit and roll less than the maximum damage of a normal hit, increase the damage to the maximum damage of a normal hit.