Daily Punch 4-14-21 Inspiring Rest Envoy Improvisation for Starfinder

Ok, one more for Starfinder.

Inspiring Rest(Ex) [language-dependent, mind-affecting, sense-dependent]

You can inspire you and your allies during a full day rest. If you and your allies within 30 feet spend a full day resting, doing no strenuous activity, casting no spells, nor making any checks, you gain a +1 moral bonus to attacks, skill checks, and saves for 24 hours or until you lose your stamina points.

At 6th level, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to increase to bonus to +2.


Daily Punch 10-5-20 Don’t Die on Me! envoy improvisation for Starfinder

How about some more love for the Envoy?

12th Level

You must be at least 12th level to choose the following envoy improvisations.

Don’t Die on Me! (Ex) [language-dependentmind-affectingsense-dependent]

As a reaction, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to grant an ally within 60 feet who just fell to zero hit points 1 hit points and stamina equal to 1/4 their maximum preventing them dying. You can’t grant the same ally the benefits of this ability again until both you and your ally have recovered your Resolve Points after an 8-hour rest or its equivalent.

Daily Punch 8-13-20 In the Eyes envoy improvisation for Starfinder

How about some love for the envoy?

you must be at least 4th level for the following envoy improvisation

In the Eyes (Ex)

Aim for the eyes and they will never see it coming!

As a standard action, you can make a single attack against a target within 60 feet. If you hit you may attempt a stealth check against the target as normal without having cover or concealment. If you succeed, you are considered hidden from that one target until the end of your next turn.


Daily Punch 11-8-19 Inspiring Resolve envoy improvisation for Starfinder

One more envoy idea for this week.


8th Level

You must be at least 8th level to choose the following envoy improvisations.


Inspiring Resolve (Ex)

You can use inspiring boost additional times on the same target as long as the target spends a resolve point each time after the initial inspiring boost.  The initial inspiring boost refreshes after a 10 minutes as normal.




Daily Punch 4-15-19 Come at me! Envoy improvisation for Starfinder

More Starfinder fun today for the Envoy.  How about this improvisation


Come at me (Ex) [sense-dependent]

As a move action, you can choose one enemy within 60 feet.

That enemy must succeed at a Will save or take a –4 penalty to all attacks it makes  that are not against you until the end of your next turn.

At 6th level, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to make the enemy take the penalty with no saving throw allowed.