Daily Punch 1-18-23 Recycler Grenade for Starfinder

I’ve been playing Prey, and my favorite part of this Sci-Fi game is the ability to take apart creatures and make useful stuff from them. We can do this in starfinder too!

Recycler Grenade

This grenade causes bonds between atoms to brake and condense into a cube of cube of UPBs for all targets within range. This weapon does untyped damage to all creatures in the area. No damage resistance applies to this damage except for any creatures that lack a physical body of any kind. After the damage is delt to all targets and surrounding material and location, a number of UPBs are created equal to the total damage dealt.

 Recycler Grenade, Mk 1

Level 5; Price 950
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage 1d8; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (1d8 E; 20 ft.)

 Recycler Grenade, Mk 2

Level 9; Price 4,350
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage —; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (3d8; 20 ft.)

Recycler Grenade, Mk 3

Level 15; Price 37,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage —; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (6d8 E; 20 ft.)

Recycler Grenade, Mk 4

Level 17; Price 82,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage —; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (12d8 ; 20 ft.)

Daily Punch 12-23-22 Linked Bag equipment for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Christmas is coming. Santa has to have WAY more than just a bag of holding IV!

Linked Bag Item 16

Conjuration Extradimensional Magical
Price 8000 gp Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 3

The bag is made of any material you so desire, but one factor is always true- each bag is inscribed with a series of runes upon creation. When these runes are inscribed upon a doorframe, the opening of the bag and the doorframe are linked in such a way you can stretch the bag to allow up to a large creature to walk through the bag and through the door frame. Furthermore, items can be handed from the door to the bags opening and from the opening to the door. The bag and door are linked until the runes are removed. As a safety feature, when the runes are removed, anything in between the bag and door is ejected randomly toward one side.


Daily Punch 10-13-22 Belt of Potions item for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Ok, one last system for this one.

Belt of Potions Item 3

Price 55 gp
Usage wornBulk 1
This belt features ten different loops that a character can put potions into as well as a long thin rubber straw that is placed into a potion and rungs under a characters armor to a their mouth. As an action, a character can put a potion into a loop. As a separate action, a character can move the straw to a different potion. As a free action, a character can drink the potion that the straw is currently in.

Daily Punch 6-12-17 Skill Adapter for Shadowrun 5e

I was running a game this weekend, and I had a player run into some trouble when no one could drive the boat, and everybody was a mage. Let’s work on this…

DEVICE                                             AVAILABILITY                             COST
Skill Adapters (Rating 1-6)              Rating x 4                        Rating x 30,000¥

Skill Adapters: Modeled after the trode system of neural link, skill adapters are a system of trodes placed over the body to override the users normal impulses to implement any skill downloaded into the system.   While not nessasasrly the most attractive implementation as wires run the length of the users body, this system allows a user to link with a  communications device and upload a activesofts for use without affecting the essence of the user. Activesofts of up to the rating of the skill adapter can be used with the device.
Wireless: With the skill adapter’s memory cache expanded, all the skills you use with it receive +1 to the relevant inherent Limit (Physical, Mental, or Social).