Daily Punch 12-23-22 Linked Bag equipment for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Christmas is coming. Santa has to have WAY more than just a bag of holding IV!

Linked Bag Item 16

Conjuration Extradimensional Magical
Price 8000 gp Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 3

The bag is made of any material you so desire, but one factor is always true- each bag is inscribed with a series of runes upon creation. When these runes are inscribed upon a doorframe, the opening of the bag and the doorframe are linked in such a way you can stretch the bag to allow up to a large creature to walk through the bag and through the door frame. Furthermore, items can be handed from the door to the bags opening and from the opening to the door. The bag and door are linked until the runes are removed. As a safety feature, when the runes are removed, anything in between the bag and door is ejected randomly toward one side.



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