Daily Punch 1-14-18 Crossbowman fighter style for DnD 5e

Ok, this needs to happen.

Here is a fighter style for the 5e DnD fighter.



When you use a one or two handed crossbow, you remove the loading property from the weapon.





Daily Punch 9-10-18 Calculated Swings fighter feat for Pathfinder Playtest

I like the avenger, so I think I can do something similar in Pathfinder!


You make two melee strikes at a single opponent both at a –2 penalty and compare the attack result to the AC of the foe.   If either results hits, you are considered to have hit the target once dealing damage or critical damage as normal. A Calculated Swing counts as one attack for your multiple attack penalty.




Daily Punch 10-31-17 Deep Stab Fighter Maneuver for DnD 5e

How about another idea that come up over the weekend.  LET’S STAB PEOPLE!


Deep Stab. As an action you can expend one superiority die to deeply stab your weapon into the target of a melee attack.  If the attack is successful, you drive the weapon deep into the target.  You are considered .  As an action the target or a friendly target can attempt a Strength check (DC equal to your save DC) to remove the weapon.  At the end of each round that a target has a weapon stuck inside of it, the target takes damage equal to your superiority die.  The target is considered to have armor of the same material as your weapon for all effects a spells.




Daily Punch 9-4-17 Dirt in ur eye! fighter maneuver for DnD 5e

oh, it’s time to make the doughnuts!  let’s get back from the vacation with a few posts today!  Here is a new maneuver for a fighter!


Dirt in ur eye!. As an action you can expend one superiority die to throw dirt into their eye.  The target must make a Constitution saving throw.  On a failed save, the target is blinded until the end of your next round.



Daily Punch 2-16-16 Martial Monk Monastic Tradition for DnD 5e

How about expanding maneuvers to other classes?  Let’s make a fighter monk!


Way of the Fist

This path is taken by those who emphasize the physical over the mental for martial combat while still honing your body over any weapon.  You’ve learned how to master your body and master the bodies of your foes by emphasizing physical technique over utilizing ki.

Hard-Drilled Skills

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain three maneuvers as if you were a fighter.  You have a number of superiority dice equal to your Wisdom modifier, and your superiority dice are equal to your unarmed attack dice.

Second Wind

Gain the Second Wind class feature of a 1st level fighter using your monk level as if it were your fighter level.  Also, gain one additional maneuver from the fighters list.

Personal Conditioning

At 11th level, you an an ability score improvement.  Gain one additional maneuver from the fighters list.

Sifu of the Temple

At 17th level, when you use a maneuver as part of an attack, you can spend superiority dice and perform two different maneuvers as long as both maneuvers target the same creature and cast the same number of superiority dice.




Daily Punch 2-15-16 Mage Hammer maneuver for DnD 5e

I’ve been thinking of fighter maneuvers for a while now, but here’s another!


Mage Hammer.   When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you may expend a superiority die to cause a spell caster to have to make Constitution saving throws when casting any spells for a number of turns equal to the number rolled on your superiority die.  On a failure the spell slot is lost to no effect.  If the spell was a cantrip, the character simply fails to cast the spell.