Daily Punch 8-31-20 Attentive Fighting Style for DnD 5e

I miss the old days of 4e where a fighter could interrupt attacks on other people. Let’s make that happen!


Each round as a free action you can choose one creature you are engaged with. If any creature targets your chosen creature with an attack and you are engaged with the attacker, as a reaction you can make an attack on the attacker.


Daily Punch 6-20-18 A Touch of the Stars Fighting Style for Soldier in Starfinder

Let’s splash some solarian into the solider in Starfinder



A Touch of the Stars
You have spent time the void and among the stars.  You’ve learned what power lies there and have taken some of it into yourself.  You and the solarians share a bond that few can ever understand.
Gift of the Stars (SP) 1st Level
You gain a solar manifestation of a solarian at 1st level.

Growth of your gift (SP) 5th Level
Increase your manifestation to that of a solarian of 5th level

Approaching the Power (SP) 9th Level
Gain an bonus feat or increase your manifestation to that of a solarian of 9th level

Power of the Stars (SP) 13th Level
Increase your manifestation to that of a solarian of 13th level.
Radiance of Power (SP) 17th Level
Gain the solar manifestation of a solarian of 17th level.

Daily Punch 3-31-16 Shield Bash fighting style for DnD 5e

The designers of DnD didn’t want to use shields to shield bash. I DO!  Let’s make that happen a different way!

Shield Bash

When you have a shield in your off hand, you can use it as a weapon as if you were performing two weapon fighting.  You do not get to normally add your Strength bonus to damage when you use this ability unless another ability would allow you to.  A regular shield does 1d6 bludgeoning damage on an attack and you are considered proficient with the weapon if you have this ability.




Daily Punch 2-9-16 Two-Fisted Fighter Fighting Style for DnD 5e

What happens when you don’t want to be a monk, but you also don’t want to be sword fighter?  What if you don’t want to use feats or multiclassing to make that happen…


Two-Fisted Fighter

Instead of attacking with a weapon, you my choose to attack with your body instead.  You count as proficient with any strikes made with your own body and use damage equal to a monk of your level.  Much like attacking with two weapons, you can make an additional strike, but you do not add your Strength or Dexterity modifier to the second strike.