Daily Punch 2-9-16 Two-Fisted Fighter Fighting Style for DnD 5e

What happens when you don’t want to be a monk, but you also don’t want to be sword fighter?  What if you don’t want to use feats or multiclassing to make that happen…


Two-Fisted Fighter

Instead of attacking with a weapon, you my choose to attack with your body instead.  You count as proficient with any strikes made with your own body and use damage equal to a monk of your level.  Much like attacking with two weapons, you can make an additional strike, but you do not add your Strength or Dexterity modifier to the second strike.




Daily Punch 10-09-15 Calculating fighting style for DnD 5e

How about someone who thinks through his/her actions instead of charges in?  Let’s make that happen…


When you take the attack action, you can forgo your first attack as part of that action and instead gain an extra reaction this round.  You can take this reaction at any time until the start of your next turn.  Also, if you gain an extra attack via two weapon fighting, you must give up the attack that has your ability bonus added into damage.


Daily Punch 7-16-15 Double Chop fighting style for DnD 5e

Watching my players play some DnD 5e, I thought this fighting style up watching my poor two weapon fighter miss way too many times.

Double Chop

When you wield two weapons, you may forego your second attack to make one attack roll.  If you do, you gain advantage on a single weapon attack.  Class features, abilities, spells, and other effects such as a rogue’s sneak attack do not trigger on advantage gained in this way.


Daily Punch 11-3-14 Rend Muscle Fighting Style for DnD 5e

How about hurting your opponents so they can’t hurt you in a Fighting Style?


Rend Muscle

When you make an attack, you can cause your opponent to have to make a Constitution Saving Throw equal to 8+proficiency+strength or dexterity modifier (whatever you used for the attack).  If the target fails, they gain a -1 penalty to their attack rolls.  These penalties are cumulative, but may never be larger then your proficiency bonus.  As an example, at level two the maximum penalty you can inflict to attack for a target is a -2 as your proficiency bonus is a +2.