Daily Punch 5-5-20 Tech Exploit Operative Exploit for Starfinder

How about we dip between classes a bit with the Operative?  Here would be a fun exploit for your operative to get a little bit of tech magic in their day.

Tech Exploit (EX)

Choose a technomancer spell based on your level and the chart below.  You can cast the spell two times per day.  All saves and attacks are based on your intelligence.  You cast this spell at the lowest level for that spell.  You may take this exploit multiple times.  Each time you do, choose another spell based on the chart below.

Times Exploit Taken Highest spell level Available Minimum Character Level to Take Exploit
1 1 2
2 2 6
3 3 10
4 4 12
5 5 14
6 6 18



7-25-19 Expanded Archive Operative Exploit for Starfinder

How about we expend on an operative exploit?


Expanded ARCHIVE (EX)

Prerequisite: Alien Archive, 6th level

Your vast experience makes identifying new creatures easier for you. Roll twice on skill checks when identifying a creature and its abilities.

If you successfully identify a creature, you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to your skill check when you make a trick attack against that creature.  This bonus stacks with your bonus from Alien Archive




Daily Punch 7-27-18 Dual Nature/Dual Solar Power operative exploit for Starfinder

A few more operative exploits for Starfinder.  Here is one to help the rogue who wants everything…



Dual Nature/Dual Solar (SP)

Prerequisite: 6th Level, Star Cutter

You gain the opposite level 1 solar manifestation of whatever you choose when you chose Star Cutter.  This second manifestation can not be increased and manifests when you active your other power.




Daily Punch 7-26-18 Sun Burn operative exploit for Starfinder

Let’s add a few more Solarian/Operative exploits to the game!


Sun Burn(SP)

prerequiste: Star Cutter

Any target that you hit with you Solar Weapon is set on fire, taking damage every turn equal to dice you roll for your solar weapon till it puts the fire out at the start of each turn.  As an example if you roll 3d6 damage, it would take 3 fire damage each turn.  This may be combined with other effects.