Daily Punch 7-14-22 Ready to Rumble positive quality for Shadowrun 6e

let’s hop into the fray!

Ready to Rumble 

You hop right into the fight!
• Cost: 10 karma
• Game Effect: For the first round of combat, you only need to beat another character’s compared characteristic by 2 instead of 4 to gain points of edge for any test and can gain up to 4 points of edge this way instead of of a maximum of 2.


Daily Punch 7-5-22 Luck Charm positive quality for Shadowrun 6th ed.

I need to play more Shadowrun!

Luck Charm (1-3)

It’s always luck to have you around.
• Cost: 15 Karma per level
• Game Effect: For each level of this quality, when an edge is spend within 10 yards of you an additional die is rolled on the edge ability or a die is rerolled a second time for each level you have in this quality. This affects friends and foes alike as you have no control over who gets the benefit of this.


Daily Punch 3-29-22 To the Limit Positive Quality for Shadowrun 6e

Got to play some shadowrun this weekend, and idea came to mind.

To the Limit (1 to 3)
You know how to push your toys to their very limits.
Cost: 12 Karma per level
Game Effect: You can increase your dice pool for matrix actions by +1 dice for each rank of this quality, but you take one additional box of damage when you take matrix damage. You can turn this quality on and off with a minor action.