Daily Punch 9-27-12

It’s time for a  double feature!  DnD 4e and Pathfinder together!

Pathfinder First

Hostile Negotiations:Feat-You may use an intimidate check in place of a diplomacy check.  Your DM may judge that you can not repeatedly use this feat several times in one conversation.  If you fail a diplomacy check with an intimidate check, the result is as if you had failed an intimidate check.

Now time for DnD 4e

Hostile Negotiations

Skill Power (Intimidate) -Level 2


Effect:You may substitute an intimidate check for a diplomacy check.  If you fail the check, the results are as if you failed an intimidate check.

One thought on “Daily Punch 9-27-12

  1. I think that because you are using intimidate as a diplomacy check the failed result should be as per a failed diplomacy check not intimidate.

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