9-13-12 Daily Idea

Here is something that came up in last night’s DnD.  Any thoughts on this today?

Through Another’s Eyes; Feat; requires a shaman’s spirit companion:

By looking through your ally’s eyes you can see around corners and into the spirit world, but it comes at a cost.  If you can draw line of sight to an ally, you may place you spirit companion in a space in line of sight of your ally.  However, if the ally does not have any powers with the primal keyword for any powers, they grant combat advantage until the start of their turn.

9-12-12 Beast Master Level 1 Daily!

Ok, here is the first daily power for my beastmaster ranger.  Thoughts?

Daily Attack Power 1 Distracting Volley

Daily        Martial, Weapon, Arcane Arcane

Standard Action      Range Weapon, Beast

Requirement: Your beast companion must be adjacent to a creature.

Target: Burst 1 around your beast companion-Ignore beast companion

Weapon vs. AC

Hit: Deal 1[W] to each creature

Effect: Your beast companion makes an attack

Beast vs. AC

Hit: Deal 1[B] to each creature

Effect: Your beast companion marks a creature in burst 1 and the creature takes a -2 to attacks that include your beast.  The creature remains marked until it dies or is marked by something else.  Every turn you target the marked creature with a ranged attack, the creature takes a -2 to attack targeting your beast companion in addition to its marked penalty.

9-11-12 Controversy in 4e

Lets do something controversial:

Quick Reaction; Feat:  Gain one additional immediate action each turn.  You may take this feat multiple times, once per tier.

People complain 4e is slow, and they are right.  But why not embrace the slow!  It’s a part of the game.  Turns do take a long time if your people are not on the ball, but some classes like the swordmage and fighter are dependent on immediate interrupts.  Why not give them more!  Thoughts?

Monday Dump 9-10-12

Ok, it’s time for the Monday Dump.  This is something I’ve been thinking of for a long time.  Here is my first shot and first round at making a Paragon Path.  It’s a customization of the Vadalis Griffonmaster.  Thoughts?

Brotherhood of the Griffon Griffon master

Prerequisite: Beast Mastery class feature, Training in Arcana


Griffonmaster Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make your beast charge, you may use a power with the arcane keyword.  You may use spears or pole arm weapons as implements for this attack.
Griffon (11th level): You can swap your current beast companion for a Vadalis-bred griffon.
Griffon Master Techniques (16th level): When you charge with your griffon companion, any attacks you make with weapons with the pole arm or spear keyword grant you a +1 bonus to attack and a +2 bonus to defense .

Level 11-Gain a Level 10 or lower arcane encounter attack power

Utility 12 Driving Shield

Encounter        Beast, Arcane

Free Action      Personal and Beast

Requirement: You must be mounted on a creature that is flying.

Trigger: You charge

Target: You and your beast companion

Effect: This charge provokes no attacks of opportunity and you and your beast companion gain a +4 shield bonus to AC and reflex till the end of your next turn.

Level 20-gain a Level 20 or lower Daily power with the arcane keyword.

Shadowrun Fun 9-7-12

Here is something for the Shadowrun crowd…..

Flash Backs [Negative Quality]-Your character suffers from flashbacks from some event in his/her past.  When your GM dictates based on your flashback story, you must make a WILL  x Reaction roll with a threshold equal to the number of build points gained divided by five.  If you fail, you gain a penalty equal to all dice pool rolls equal to the the number of build points gained divided by five.

Quite a doozy, huh?  You can gain a bunch of points, but your character has crippling PTSD.  Thoughts?

9-6-12 Non-BeastMaster 4th Edition Fun

Based on what I saw last night, this thing is sorely missing….

Bregan D’aerthe Strike Team [Guild]-All allies who have this feat can see through the Cloud of Darkness of any ally who has this feat.  Gain a +1 feat bonus to stealth checks.  For each ally who has this feat gain a +1 feat bonus to stealth up to +5.

It’s time for this.  Too many drow can’t work together (even when they want to…) when one drow uses this feat.  I see Bregan D’aerthe still as drow who knife each other in the back, but they need to use their stealth to work together or they will all die separately!  Thoughts?

9-4-12 Pathfinder Feat Idea

Here’s today’s idea, it comes from watching Pathfinder play out with a half-orc monk.

He’s a biter!-(Combat)-requires a natural weapon attack such as a bite attack-For the purposes of your natural weapon attack, your natural weapon now counts as a monk weapon and feats applied to your monk attacks now count for your natural attack.  In addition, when you use your flurry of blows attack, gain an additional attack at your lowest attack bonus.

As I’m running my Pathfinder group, I’m watching Toof the monk have to choose to feats for her fists such as weapon finesse or feats for her bite attack.  Since there are so many options out there, shouldn’t there be a feat to unite the Monk and characters with natural attacks?  Thoughts?

Its that time again….

It’s that time again for a dump.. Here is the Monday Dump for September 3rd-my DnDnext BARD!

Level Weapon attack Bonus Magic Attack Bonus Spell DC Hit Dice Class Features
1 2 2 10+CHA 1d6 Skill Mastery(2), Arcane Magic, Bardic Knowledge +1, Song of Courage, cantrips (2)
2 2 2 10+CHA 2d6 Sneak Attack 1d6
3 2 2 10+CHA 3d6 Quick Song, Song +2
4 2 2 11+CHA 4d6 Sneak Attack 2d6, Bardic Knowledge +2
5 3 3 11+CHA 5d6 Song of Competence
Spell Per Day
Level 1 2 3
1 2
2 3
3 3 1
4 3 2
5 3 2 1

Ability Adjustment +1 to Cha, Int, or Str

Starting Hit Points 6+Con

Armor and Shield Proficiency: All armor and Shields

Weapon Proficiency: All

Skill Mastery-Functions exactly like the rogue’s ability but Bard chooses two abilities instead of all ability scores.

Arcane Magic-Functions like the Sorcerer’s power

Bardic Knowledge-Bards receive the indicated bonus on all untrained knowledge checks.  This bonus stacks with Skill Mastery

Cantrips-The bard receives two cantrips.

Sneak Attack- As per the rogue’s ability

Song of Courage-As a standard action each turn, a bard may play a song to inspire his allies.  All allies in 30 feet of the bard gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and fear saving throws.

Quick Song-All song abilities change from a standard action to a move action to maintain the song.

Song +2-the bonus a bard imparts to his allies changes from its stated value to a +2.

Song of Competence-Using this song, a bard may inspire his allies to improve abilities.  The bards current song bonus applies to skill checks instead of any other bonus.

Spell List



Detect Magic

Mage Hand

Ghost Sound

Level 1


Cause fear

Charm Person


Comprehend languages

Cure Light Wounds


Level 2


Cure Moderate Wounds

Hold Person


Rope Trick


Level 3


Create Food and Water

Cure Serious Wounds

Dispel Magic

Remove Affliction


Ok this one is out a big limb,  Here is my bard.  Never play-tested  First idea from my head.  Its 1st-4th edition Bard-Tastic.  Thoughts?