Daily Post 9-19-12

Its time for another post and today has to deal with hybrids….

Cross training-Feat:  Select one power you know; that power becomes a power for another class as well as the class it was originally part of, but does not change the power source of the power.  This feat may be taken multiple times.

There are some great combos out there that are limited by the class a power comes from.  Thoughts?


Daily post 9-18-12

Here is a feat I saw was needed over the weekend for 4e…

Back to basics; Feat:  Choose one at-will power you know; that power counts as a basic melee or ranged attack in addition to any of its other effects.

Monday DUMP 9-17-12

It’s that time again!  This goes out to my ranged ranger Beastmasters out there…

Ranged Hunter

Beast Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, your beast companion marks one enemy in burst 5.

Hunters Targeting (11th Level): When your beast companion hits an enemy that you attacked with a range attack this turn or last turn, your beast companion does +2 damage (+4 at 21st level).

Beast Lure (16th level): When you make a ranged attack against an enemy marked by your beast companion, you gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll (+2 at 21st level).

Owlbear trap!

Encounter beast, martial

Immediate Interrupt;  Melee 1

Trigger: An enemy moves adjacent to your character

Primary Attack:  Reflex+4 (+6 at 21st level) vs. AC

Hit: 1d10 and target immobilized (save end).  Beast may shift up to speed to move adjacent to the triggering enemy.  you may shift your speed.

Beast Dodge

Daily Beast, martial

Free Action

Effect: Attacks against your beast companion from marked enemies take a -2 penalty until the end of the encounter.

Hunter’s Assault

Daily Beast, martial, weapon

Standard Action

Effect: Your beast companion marks an adjacent enemy until the end of the encounter, and you make a ranged basic attack against an enemy.  If you hit, your beast companion makes a basic attack against an enemy.  This second attack need not be against the same enemy.  If your beast hits, you make a basic ranged attack against an enemy.  This repeats until one of you miss or both you and your beast make five attacks.

9-13-12 Daily Idea

Here is something that came up in last night’s DnD.  Any thoughts on this today?

Through Another’s Eyes; Feat; requires a shaman’s spirit companion:

By looking through your ally’s eyes you can see around corners and into the spirit world, but it comes at a cost.  If you can draw line of sight to an ally, you may place you spirit companion in a space in line of sight of your ally.  However, if the ally does not have any powers with the primal keyword for any powers, they grant combat advantage until the start of their turn.

9-12-12 Beast Master Level 1 Daily!

Ok, here is the first daily power for my beastmaster ranger.  Thoughts?

Daily Attack Power 1 Distracting Volley

Daily        Martial, Weapon, Arcane Arcane

Standard Action      Range Weapon, Beast

Requirement: Your beast companion must be adjacent to a creature.

Target: Burst 1 around your beast companion-Ignore beast companion

Weapon vs. AC

Hit: Deal 1[W] to each creature

Effect: Your beast companion makes an attack

Beast vs. AC

Hit: Deal 1[B] to each creature

Effect: Your beast companion marks a creature in burst 1 and the creature takes a -2 to attacks that include your beast.  The creature remains marked until it dies or is marked by something else.  Every turn you target the marked creature with a ranged attack, the creature takes a -2 to attack targeting your beast companion in addition to its marked penalty.

9-11-12 Controversy in 4e

Lets do something controversial:

Quick Reaction; Feat:  Gain one additional immediate action each turn.  You may take this feat multiple times, once per tier.

People complain 4e is slow, and they are right.  But why not embrace the slow!  It’s a part of the game.  Turns do take a long time if your people are not on the ball, but some classes like the swordmage and fighter are dependent on immediate interrupts.  Why not give them more!  Thoughts?