Ring Side Report 11-10-12 Pentacon Day 1

LaVera and I made the trip down to Pentacon Today.  http://www.pentacongames.com/   Lets talk about what I did today and what I thought.

Con Basics: I got to the con at 8:30.  Game started at 9, 2, and 7:30.  Lets go through the pro’s and con’s (hah!)

con:  When I got to the con, I went to the main desk with a credit card.  I was promptly turned away.  It’s cash and carry out here.  Now, if this was a small con in a smaller hotel, that might be ok, but this con is pretty big.  Also, I don’t carry cash anymore.  Since that was my first impression of the con, and my wife specifically asked if we needed cash so I got to start the day looking stupid, left an impression.

Also, the way the con organizes the con’s games was kind of strange.  To sign up for a game, you sign up on a piece of paper for each game and time slot and use generic tickets for each game.  You can register online ahead of time for spots and that just gets your name on each sheet when they print it.  This con is kind of moving from the small size of a less then 50 people con to the multiple hundreds in attendance.  Not a major problem, but it might be time for computer registration.

pro:  This game con is amazingly friendly.  Gen con is nice as you feel like your part of the whole gaming community, but this con has a nice family feel.  While I bitch about the credit cards, the whole group here nice.  I feel like I can just join any group, and they will take me in.  Really like cons like that.

Also, the con is mid-sized.  Those cons have the nice variety of a large con and the homeyness of a small con.  Its really in the sweet spot.

Vendors!  Random businesses that have stuff I’ve never seen before that HAVE FACEBOOK and show me some cool new stuff.


9AM-Living Arcanis  I’ve written before about this game, but this time I got to play.  I had a great time and I got to meet up with a well connected DM who’s written much about the game and help developed the system.  Had a blast.  Best part was I got V into it and I think shes a new convert.

2PM-ADnD 2nd Ed  I know V isn’t as much of a social butterfly and wont just go talk to random strangers (read crazy) as I am, so I asked her to choose a few events that she wanted to try and I would try anything she suggested.  She hasn’t played ADnD in a long time and I never have so off we went.  I played a cleric, V played a ranger, and two other guys played a rogue and a fighter.  We didn’t exactly win, but we did have a great time.  I can see why people who have played 2nd love it, but I can see why 3rd ed was needed.  Its hard to know when a dice roll is good or bad because you don’t know if you should be rolling high or roll.  Also, Its really great to see some gaming history.

7:30PM – Darkus Thel After Hours  V and I both saw this and thought it would be interesting, but what we didn’t know is we had walked into the joke game.  The campaign directors of this system also run a few fun games each year that are completely slapstick.  The system is pretty easy that based on Tunnels and Trolls and is basically a d6 based system.  We met some great people.  Also, I think I may have inadvertently stole to show.  I caught a sheep that I named Mrs. Fluffy and proceeded to catch a spider that is named Ms. Spinny (She’s not married, still looking thought).  Also, I spent the game tripping balls on laughing gas and that made the game awesome.  Look forward to playing some more after hours games with these guys.


All and all a great day at the con.  I also loved the day spending ti playing games with V.  Next year, I plan to go again!

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