Daily Punch 1-25-12

First, let’s post an item I’ve been thinking about.  I know most players think, “If things had just been a little different” or “I could do better if I had only know about xx.”  Well I plan to give you just that chance

The True Hour Glass

This item looks like a silver hour glass filled with sand.  On closer inspection, when you gaze at the hour glass, the sand grains look like miniature galaxies in the see of probability.  Fueled by your own life energy, this item allows the user to reverse time for up to one hour.  However, this amount of raw power destroys those who use it too often.

As a swift action, any player may use the hour glass.  Upon reciting the magic phrase inscribed on the bottom in the words of creation and turning the hour glass over, the player can decide how much time to rewind up to one hour.  All events of the previous hour are rewound and any characters that may have died are brought back to life as if nothing had happened.  All other characters do not remember the events of the past hour.  However, to use the hour glass, the character must sacrifice 1d4 points of constitution and 1d3 points of wisdom from the psychic stress.  This loss may not be prevented in any way and may not be restored via wish or miracle.

Thoughts gang?

Now for Winter Fantasy Day 1 (for me at least)

Today I work at winter fantasy running EPIC 5-1.  Its a fun mod, but my players felt is was a bit repetitive.  They had a blast though.  Also, we completed the mod in 9 of my Allowed 16 hours.  All in all, I’m looking forward to running this mod for my home game of EPIC LFR.

Since I was free I then went and run a game of Pathfinder.  It was an intro adventure in the Year 3 intro series.  A great adventure.  I was able to play with my wife and five new people.   This adventure went beautifully with the new group taking to Pathfinder like a fish to water.  Everybody learned the rules well and they might be hooked.  Highlights include:

The monk diving over a drop to grab a box of books

The Paracountess flurting with almost all the PC’s

The halfling infiltrating the orphanage by pretending to be a child

The monk 1-shot OK the women who controlled the orphanage and scaring all the kids

A Bard-off!

The children being fascinated by the pied piper.

and a halfling barbarian

Not as many merchants this year, but still the usual regulars.  I picked up Death Angel and Arcanis Bestiary.  Tomorrow should be as awesome as today.

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