Ring Side Report: Winter fantasy day 2

Lets go through my second day at the con….

SPEC5-2 Started my day by running SPEC5-2. To all who run this at home, this is NOT a run and gun mod! I honestly never put this much prep in to a single LFR Mod. And I think it payed off. This is a pretty fun mod with a really cool puzzle. My players had a great time and so did I.

Pathfinder of schedule craziness. My wife and I were scheduled for the Pathfinder convention, but when I went to ask about the next slot, the organizer offered to let us run a certification mod for someone. In the Pathfinder society, DM’s receive ranks based on the number of games they have run. I’m a 1 star close to my second because I’ve run ~25 games. This was for someone’s 5th star. That means they ran over 150 games. Very impressive. We played a great game from my crazy gunslinger and the multireligious priest. I had a great time for a lot of reasons:
1)This DM was great, but I felt hopeful for myself. I didn’t feel that I was completely outclassed as a DM. I’ve got a few small things to learn, but she had to ask about a few of the weird rules also.
2)This women was going to be the first female 5star out there. Those kind of equality things make me happy! I asked her to sign my copy of mazes and monsters.
3)I also met the PFSRD head hancho. Great guy and told me about some opportunities coming up in the pathfinder community.

DnDnext-can’t say a lot here. But group really made this mod. So far I’m kind of conflicted on the game. Great stuff and some iffy stuff. I’ll play in the next season of DnD encounters.

Also, is it bad when venders over 100 miles from home recognize me? Is that bad?

Really having a great time at this con. Always love working for baldman games.

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