Ring Side report: Winter Fantasy Day 3 and Daily Punch 1-28-12

First the Daily Punch then Winter Fantasy.  I saw the new 5-star DM do this at Winter Fantasy and I thought it was a great idea.  I think this kind of idea should spread across to different games like DnD next and DnD 4e.


Efficient Healing-Feat-When you channel healing power, you instinctively know how to provide the most efficient effects-Whenever you use a healing power, you re-roll the dice based on the type of die involved.  If you are healing a d4 or d6, you re-roll the die if you roll a 1.  On a d8, you re-roll the die on a 1 or 2.


For the Arcanis people out there


Tier 1:  Whenever you use an ability or power the restores stamina, re-roll all dice that restore stamina that result in a 1.

Tier 2: Whenever you use an ability or power that restores stamina, re-roll all dice that restore stamina that result in a 2 or 1.

Tier 3: Whenever you use an ability or power that restores stamina, re-roll all dice that restore stamina that result in a 3, 2, or 1.

Tier 4: Whenever you use an ability or power that restores stamina, re-roll all dice that restore stamina that result in a 4, 3, 2, or 1.


Thoughts gang?


And now Winter Fantasy day 3-last day of the con


Well the last day of the con was a great one.  My wife and I only had one event.

DnD Next:High Level-Well I can’t get into nitty-gritty because of the NDA, but this was a fun one.  I was originally pretty iffy on how this morning was going to go.  I was thinking of leaving for some more pathfinder, but my wife convinced me.  We had a full boat with six players.  And it was awesome.  I had a blast and really enjoyed it.  Some of the new mechanics from the previous playtest at Gen Con were iffy the day before, but today were awesome.  I am ready to try this out more and I really do look forward to the future of this game.  Some things I want to change, but I do look forward to see where it goes from here!


Things I wish I could have done-

BI-Well I did miss the battle interactive.  This is the first Winter Fantasy I did.  I really love the BI at heroic tier, but at paragon you have to specialize so much its not a fun for me since I like the more skill monkey characters who might defend or heal as a side job.  Yes I know that that making my characters more focused would help, but its not what I want for some of them, and that makes the paragon tier not as much fun for me.  Glad to see some crazy stuff went down though

The sequel to Fiasco RPG/LARP-Kind of with I got into this one.  I’ve never tired Fiasco, but it looks strange in a good way.  I mean how weird could it be?

Cards Against Humanity-this is a horrible game in a great way.  I need to play this!


All and all a great con and I love this one.  If you get a chance, see you there in 2014

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