Blurbs from the Booth-Happy New Geek Year!

Well its been GenCon….If us (gamer) geeks have a holy day, there it was.  And to use that as a milestone, let’s say Happy New Geek Year!  And since its New Geek Year, lets make some resolutions for myself and my blog:

1)Blurbs from the Booth-I’m introducing a few new categories and this one will be my thoughts about the gaming industry and gaming in general. I’m aiming for three a month.

2)One Game Review a week-I want to develop my presence online as a game journalist.  Hence my WordPress blog.  Because if anything screams professional, its WordPress!  In either case, be prepared for more of my board game reviews.  Want to help me?  Give me feed back!  I will listen! I’m aiming for three a month.

3)One RPG Review a week-Lets build up the supplement. Same reason as 2. I’m aiming for three a month.

4)Couch’s Corner-I want to do some advice for GMs based on all the strange things I’ve seen.  Let’s see how this goes. I’m aiming for three a month.

5)Starting the random RPG club again.  I’m trying for google+/skype with an online table.  I want to try a bunch of different games and see how it goes.  I’m sitting on way too many RPGs that I haven’t played.  I’ve already dragged my wife into this….Let’s see where this goes.  I’m aiming for two games a month.

6)A contest on Throat Punch Games!  I want to build the readership of this blog.  Let’s have a contest.  I’ll have to figure out what it will be….

7)A PDF of Throat Punch Games ideas.  This may be a bad idea, but it sure will be fun!  We will have to see how Drive Through RPG works….from the other side….

8)A submission to the open Pathfinder Call.  Again, this will be crazy and fun.  Let’s see if I’m freelance material…..

9)Be a board game and RPG demo guy for a few different companies.  I want to spread my hobby, lets spread the word right!

Well that’s a big list.  Wish me luck.  Follow me on Facebook and on twitter   Root for me or taunt me, but in either case keep following me and see what we get done!

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