Ring Side Report-Pathfinder Adventure Path Skull and Shackles-The Wormwood Mutiny

TL;DR-Better then Ok adventure.  Has some elements that drag on a bit, but its to be expected in a 1st-3rd level adventure.  Definitely worth your time! 3.5/

Plot-Spoilers ahead!- The PCs wake up on a ship after being kidnapped.  They join the crew under the cruel Captain Harrigan.  They work as crew for a bit before joining in on their first pirate raid. The crew is split and the PCs are now under the even crueler 2nd in command and his cronies.  The ship is damaged in a storm and the PCs have to fix the ship, rescue their friends, and finally mutiny against their captors.

GM Impressions-Good adventure, but it does drag on a bit in the first act.  Like any good adventure, the goal is to get the PCs out of the level one “death zone” as quick as possible.  If the PCs take a single crit from a goblin, the show is over before it begins!  To get past this, the adventure does  a series of day job checks.  That’s ok, but if nothing really exciting happens for five days, the PCs are just rolling dice.  As a GM it gets hard to spice up the fifth day of that.  However, the PCs didn’t seem to notice too much and they had a good time.  Its fun to really ramp up the hate from the PCs to a villain and then have them kill that person.  Its cathartic for them.

Good-You’re pirates in Pathfinder.  You don’t have to be good, you’re pirates!  Let’s be bad guys!

Bad-Some dragging moments as they PCs have to do menial jobs.  Its not heroic, but its grunt work for several days strait.

Final Thoughts-Good adventure, but not the greatest.  Memorial cast that you can really ramp up hate for an excellent ending to the adventure.  Keep the drag in mind and maybe skip ahead if your players get bored.  3.5/5

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